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Travel More

Traveling can be expensive. If you want to travel more, saving when planning your trip and controlling expenses while on your trip can leave more budget to spend on the things you really want to experience. That could mean; traveling for a longer period, splurging on more experiences or finding more comfortable accommodations.


travel gear

Through 2020 there was no shortage of innovation in the travel gear industry and we've been testing the coolest and most innovative products to hit the market. We're excited for what will hopefully be a revitalizing travel year, so to kick off the new year we're counting down our top 5 best travel gear innovations for 2021.

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Sustainable Travel, travel gear

On average, a traveler produces 1kg of waste per day. Waste while traveling can feel inevitable since when we travel from one place to the next we often pick up new items and discard old ones. But travelers can reduce their environmental impact by having the right gear. Discover our top 8 no-brainer items to become a more sustainable traveler.

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nomad gear, travel backpack, travel gear

For the ultimate versatility, portability, and convenience reach for a great travel backpack. Find the sweet spot between capacity, durability, and convenience features so that you can travel confidently. Use our guide to find your perfect travel backpack for every adventure. 

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Daypack, nomad gear, travel gear

When you’re moving between destinations a suitcase, luggage, or a travel backpack are all great options. These bags offer large capacity and are meant for moving your gear and clothing between locations. But once you’re at your destination and out exploring day to day, there’s no better option than a great travel daypack. Use our guide to find your ultimate daypack for every adventure. 

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digital nomad, nomad gear, power bank, travel gear, work and travel

Running out of battery power is always a pain, but when you’re traveling the stakes can be much higher. That’s why we’ve got you covered with a host of the best power bank options ranging from cell phone and tablet chargers up to full laptop chargers; all available in our shop. Find the right option for you today.

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