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A collaboration of stories, advice and more from our Flashpacker Co Network of writers, photographers and contributors. We believe travel is transformative and hope that our Flashpacker journeys will inspire you to travel and travel well. Follow along with our first hand experiences as we create a new type of travel, experiencing more by sacrificing less.


Barbados, digital nomad, Flashpacker Chronicles, Flashpacker Co Network, nomad destinations, remote working, working nomad

In October 2020 we traveled internationally for the first time since Covid hit to spend a few months living and working in Barbados. Read our first hand account of what its like to travel and work internationally during a global pandemic including why we felt comfortable getting on a plane and how we stayed safe.

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biking tours, cycling adventure, Flashpacker Chronicles, Flashpacker Co Network, Pat McChristian

Biking has transformed the way we travel. On past vacations, our choice of transportation determined how we experienced a new place. Cycling adventures have proven to be the ideal way for getting around at the perfect pace - slow enough to soak in all the sights at our leisure and fast enough to cover a fair amount of ground every day.

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adventure travel, Budget Travel, budget travel tips, cheap flights, cheap places to travel, destinations, Flashpacker Chronicles, Muay Thai, Southeast Asia, Top Trips of 2019, travel gear, travel more

On February 1st, my girlfriend and I set out to pursue a shared dream of ours - to spend months backpacking across Southeast Asia. There were a few reasons why we chose Southeast Asia: 1) It's THE backpacker destination. 2) It's very budget friendly. 3) We had never been to Asia. 4) It was far, far away from home.

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adventure travel, best places to travel in the US, Flashpacker Chronicles, hiking, Idaho, USA

In the fall of 2018, we took a weeklong hiking trip out to the Sawtooth Mountains in central Idaho. The trip took all kinds of twists and turns, starting from the first minute we set out. We ended up learning lifelong travel lessons and creating unique memories that will last forever.

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Flashpacker Chronicles, Travel During Quarantine

We're continuing our Summer of Road Trips due to coronavirus with a relaxing float down the French Broad River, in Asheville, North Carolina. Pack the right gear and check out a river float near you by reading about our experience.

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