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A collaboration of stories, advice and more from our Flashpacker Co Network of writers, photographers, and contributors. We believe travel is transformative and hope that our Flashpacker journies help inspire you to travel and travel well. Join us as we create a new type of travel; experiencing more by sacrificing less.


biking tours, cycling adventure, Flashpacker Chronicles, Flashpacker Co Network, Pat McChristian

Biking has transformed the way we travel. On past vacations, our choice of transportation determined how we experienced a new place. Cycling adventures have proven to be the ideal way for getting around at the perfect pace - slow enough to soak in all the sights at our leisure and fast enough to cover a fair amount of ground every day.

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better photography, Fuji XT30, Travel Photography

After almost a month with my Fuji XT30 I’ve learned so much. I’ve found some amazing resources, had some amazing practice opportunities and generated some amazing photos.  So here is some initial advice that I followed to start shooting amazing photos in under a week!

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Flashpacker Chronicles, Flashpacker Co Network, Fuji XT30, Travel Photography

All my life I’ve complained that my pictures just couldn’t match what I saw with my own two eyes. Well, this week I decided it was time. I’ve complained about my pictures long enough. Now the process begins and I want to bring all of you along on the journey who want to learn how to take better pictures of your travels.

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adventure travel, cliff jumping, costa brava, digital nomad, hiking, Kayak, Spain

Barcelona is an amazing city and certainly one that needs to be on any Spain Travel Itinerary, but one of our absolute favorite experiences of our entire multi-month Spain trip was our day in Costa Brava. If you can afford the extra day in Barcelona in your itenerary, we would highly recommend taking a trip up the coast to Costa Brava.

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remote jobs, remote working

Working remotely while traveling makes me better at my job in multiple ways including being more productive on my trips and bringing a new and expanded perspective back with me after my trips. Getting outside of my box, working different hours and from new locations makes me think in new and different ways.

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