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A collaboration of stories, advice and more from our Flashpacker Co Network of writers, photographers and contributors. We believe travel is transformative and hope that our Flashpacker journeys will inspire you to travel and travel well. Join us as we create a new type of travel; experiencing more by sacrificing less.


adventure travel, cliff jumping, costa brava, digital nomad, hiking, Kayak, Spain

Barcelona is an amazing city and certainly one that needs to be on any Spain Travel Itinerary, but one of our absolute favorite experiences of our entire multi-month Spain trip was our day in Costa Brava. If you can afford the extra day in Barcelona in your itenerary, we would highly recommend taking a trip up the coast to Costa Brava.

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remote jobs, remote working

Working remotely while traveling makes me better at my job in multiple ways including being more productive on my trips and bringing a new and expanded perspective back with me after my trips. Getting outside of my box, working different hours and from new locations makes me think in new and different ways.

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BKK International Airport, Flashpacker Chronicles, Flashpacker Co Network, Muay Thai, Scuba Diving, Thailand

We recently spent 7 months traveling across South East Asia and a little over 2 months of that was spent in Thailand. We loved the country and the people, and although 2 months isn’t nearly enough time to truly experience the whole country we were fortunate to see a lot of it. Here are our top 10 in Thailand.

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cheap places to travel, destinations, digital nomad, Flashpacker Chronicles, Flashpacker Co Network, Italy, remote working, Southeast Asia, Spain, Top Trips of 2019

To kick off the new year we’ve asked our Flashpacker Co network to put together their Top Trips of 2019. These first hand, personal stories from three unique travelers will inspire your adventures in 2020 and give you an idea of what we loved from this past year.

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budget travel tips, Packing List, Southeast Asia

Having recently returned from a 7 month trip in Southeast Asia we experienced firsthand what to pack and what travelers most regret bringing. You might be surprised by how few items you will really need but trust us, we’ve had time to figure this out. We’re confident this list will make your next trip smoother and more enjoyable.

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