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Flashpacking Destinations

We all want to travel. But picking a flashpacking destination can be one of the most stressful parts of getting started. If you're planning your next trip, check out articles from Flashpacker Co on Cheapest Places to Travel, Best Places to Travel in the US, Best Places to Travel Alone and more on our Destinations blog.


destinations, Tampa, USA

Located on Florida’s beautiful west coast in the Gulf of Mexico, explore the incredible activities and beautiful coast lines in the Tampa Bay region. From downtown Tampa to nearby St. Petersburg & Clearwater, we cover the best things to see and do over 3 days. 

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destinations, Greenville, USA

The little known gem of South Carolina, Greenville, is beginning to gain steam and show up more and more on top travel lists for the Southeast. Nestled up against the foothills of the blue ridge mountains, Greenville has an up and coming culture of food, art, entertainment and exploration. Uncover the best experiences Greenville, SC has to offer. 

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destinations, Flashpacker Chronicles, Flashpacker Co Network, New Zealand, Sean Hale

New Zealand has something different for every type of traveler. If you like the city life, then you have Auckland and Wellington. If you want to destress and go somewhere quiet in nature you could spend weeks or months traveling around the South Island. And if you want to go a little crazy there is no shortage of adrenaline activities. 

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best places to travel alone, destinations, Flashpacker Chronicles, nomad destinations, solo travel

Not all destinations are made equal and there are certainly some that are better suited to traveling alone. Use this guide to evaluate and determine if your destination fits the criteria. A location that is safe, offers a community of travelers, provides transportation and infrastructure that is suited to solo travel, and more.

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BKK International Airport, Flashpacker Chronicles, Flashpacker Co Network, Muay Thai, Scuba Diving, Thailand

We recently spent 7 months traveling across South East Asia and a little over 2 months of that was spent in Thailand. We loved the country and the people, and although 2 months isn’t nearly enough time to truly experience the whole country we were fortunate to see a lot of it. Here are our top 10 in Thailand.

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