What Are The Top Travel Jobs in 2020?

Now more than ever, it’s easier for people to find jobs that let them travel the world and do what they love at the same time.

There are many different ways to work and travel. Whether you’re looking to work for yourself, or if you want something where travel is part of the job, or where you get paid to travel, or are looking for more of a backpacking work/trade situation, there is something that works for everyone’s choice of lifestyle.

Travel is a transformative experience. If you can incorporate your job or income into traveling, then it can help open the door to traveling further, longer, and more often.

Here are the Top 10 Travel Jobs of 2020:

1. Blogger/writer

Best Travel Jobs-Travel Blogger

Blogging has been one of the oldest ways to make money while traveling. If you can make money blogging, you are completely location-independent and can write or vlog as you travel. You could even be a travel blogger. This is a job for the digital nomad.

It’s not easy, however, and it can take a few years to get yourself off the ground. There are many different types of blogging you can do: travel blogging, lifestyle blogging, food blogging, fashion blogging are a few examples.

Consistency will help you build an audience and reputation over time since expertise in this field is especially important.

Income range: $100-$30,000 a month.

Resources: Supplement your blogging income through gigs on Upwork while you get started. Look to other top travel blogs to see what examples of success look like.

2. Teach English Abroad/Online

Top Travel Jobs - Teach English Abroad

This is a great job for anyone looking for a job that lets you live somewhere new, whether you’re looking to become an expat and teach English in another country or work remote as a digital nomad. These are still some of the most sought-after jobs and they can pay well, depending on your own level of experience and the company.

For expat teaching jobs, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate is required, but for online work, only a college/university degree is required.

Income range: $14-22/hr or $1000-$3000/month.

Resource: Top Teaching English online companies: Qkids, VIPKIDS, Teachaway. Compare TEFL courses online here.

3. Seasonal work

Top Travel Jobs - Seasonal Work Agriculture

There are many seasonal jobs that pay extremely well and allow you to have a few months completely off afterward. These jobs likely won’t allow you to travel during, but you’ll have more than enough time in-between seasons.

A few examples of these jobs are in construction, agriculture, school teachers, electricians, resort staff, retail, tree planting, firefighter.

Income: Wide range.

Resources: Check out seasonal gigs via Glassdoor.

4. Tourism and Service Industry

Top Travel Jobs - English Tour Guide

If you’re a native English-speaker, you’ll have a leg up in finding jobs in tourism and the service industry abroad. Bars, tour companies, rental facilities and even cruise ships are all looking for English speakers to help manage their businesses and sell their products and services to all of the English speaking tourists coming through their doors. Traveling while on the clock at some of these jobs can be tricky, but you’ll already be in a new area so traveling further can be quick and cheap.

Income: Wide range.

Resources: Check out these cruise ship jobs. Or pop into the local bars and restaurants and see if they’re hiring! See: How to become a traveling bartender for more.

5. Online translation and transcribing jobs

Top Travel Jobs - Online Transcription

These jobs are completely remote and also for the digital nomad who likes a little bit of structure. You can take on as many jobs as you like/need as a freelancer, or get hired by a company who assigns you projects.

As a translator, you just need to be fluent in a second language. But for transcription work, speed and accuracy will be your best qualifications.

Income: $15-$70/hr.

Resources: Check out Upwork for transcription jobs here. Or visit TranscribeMe.

6. Hostel worker

Hostels are almost always looking for backpackers who want a work/accommodation trade situation for short-term arrangements, but there are also paid opportunities if you’re looking for something longer-term.

Since there are hostels all over the world, the jobs are endless. However, it is important to make yourself stand out in some way. For example, speaking multiple languages would be a huge asset since you’re in an international environment. You can do anything from bartending, to front desk service, to cleaning, to organizing the tours for night outs. The diverse environment, opportunity to meet new people, and the ability to work and travel make it the perfect work/travel option.

Income: $7-$10/hr.

Resources: How to Find work in Hostels.

7. Freelance Writer/Photographer/Developer

Top Travel Jobs-Freelance Writer

Unlike travel blogging, freelancing gives you a bit more stability with your income. With freelancing, you get a gig and have a deadline to complete and receive payment upon completion; it’s a bit more structured and you generally have multiple different clients in different sectors.

When you’re blogging, you have to be constantly updating your content and the income is less guaranteed.

The great thing about freelancing is that you can do it from anywhere. You can work as a freelance editor, copywriter, photographer, etc. You can also work for a company as a ghostwriter or contribute to a platform/magazine.

Income: $15-40 per hour.

Resources: Search Content Writers here, Upwork here or Glassdoor here.

8. Website/Graphic Design

Top Travel Jobs - Web Development

If you know your software programs, know code like HTML and CSS, have experience with design and computing, then graphic design is the perfect digital nomad job. All you need is a computer and you can work from anywhere.

Especially nowadays, these jobs are in high demand and you can make quite a bit of money too. If you’re interested in becoming a web/graphic designer but don’t have the experience, see the resources available below.

Income: $1,000-$8,000/month.

Resources: Udemy, Coursera. Search for work on Codeable or Upwork

9. Au pair jobs

Think of Au Pairing as a high-class nanny-ing job. The Au Pair is hired by the family to live and take care of their home and their children in exchange for board and some payment. France is a popular destination for Au Pairing, but really you can go anywhere. It can be a great way to experience a foreign country while earning money, and also have a guaranteed place to live with some structure to your weeks.

Income: $100-$350/week.

Resources: Find Au Pair jobs here or here.

10. Consultant

Looking for a high-paying job where you work on short-term projects in different locations? Consultancy is a great job to pursue if you have the right expertise and a desire to problem-solve. This job pays you to work and travel.

You can work for some major corporations like Accenture, KPMG, Deloitte, etc., or you can work as an independent contractor once you’ve gained enough experience.

Income: Generally starts at $70,000/year.

Resources: See freelance consulting Jobs here. Or read how to become a consultant here.

The ability to work and travel used to be seen as a privilege few could afford. But in today’s changing work industry, it’s possible for almost anyone to make happen. There are many different types of work and travel jobs out there for everyone.

11. UPDATE: Travel Healthcare Professional

Are you a healthcare worker? Nursefly is the largest platform for finding temporary travel jobs for healthcare professionals. Nurses and healthcare professionals using the site have unprecedented access to transparent and accurate information to aid in their job search. The platform boasts thousands of jobs with pay listed. They also provide useful resources and guides to help healthcare professionals in their career on their blog

Work While You Travel

Nowadays, travel doesn’t have to be something you spend an entire year saving up for and quit your job to do. Instead, you can create a more flexible life that allows you to have incredible experiences while still supporting yourself financially.

If you’re ready to travel more for work or while working check out our related articles including What is a Digital Nomad and How to Become a Digital Nomad.

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