Ways to Explore the World in Quarantine - Part 2

As the spread of COVID-19 continues around the world, us travelers are doing our part by staying home (or staying put wherever we were traveling before the virus hit!). We know it can be a challenging transition to make, so we’re bringing you all the cool ways you can virtually roam right from your couch. In Part 1, we gave all you wanderers a way to get your travel fix with a number of documentaries and shows focused on food, culture and epic scenery.

If those options weren’t your pace, don’t worry. We’re back this week with a TON of free, virtual options of ways to explore museums, shows, architecture, and street art all over the world.

Part 2 – Get Your Culture Fix! Museums, Shows, Architecture, and Street Art – and all of it free!

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Exploring the World During Quarantine. Today’s post will focus on “The Arts,” with ways to interact with some of the most influential and exciting museums, performances, and art in the world.

Virtual Museum Tours

Google Arts & Culture Experience

You can take virtual tours of hundreds of museums all over the world with Google’s Arts & Culture Collection. Tours range from Greece’s Acropolis Museum to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe. Peruse the countless pieces of art without having to wait your turn! any of the museums, such as NYC’s MoMA, have online exhibits with detailed descriptions you can scroll through for a true museum experience. Revisit some of your favorites by browsing through the alphabetic view, or check out a new museum to explore in countries you’d like to visit in the future by using the map view.

Length: Can vary by museum but most are go at your own pace!

Google Arts and Culture Collection | Explore During Quarantine | Flashpacker Blog

The Louvre

Experience: The world’s largest art museum, Paris’ Louvre is offering their very own free virtual tour online. Their tours are very interactive, as they allow you to click your way slowly through the empty halls of several exhibits.

Length: At your own pace.

Louvre Virtual Tour | Flashpacker Chronicles

Virtual Theater and Shows

Perhaps when you travel, you pass up the museums in favor of the shows. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too!

UK’s National Theater

Experience: Every Thursday night the UK’s National Theater is proving the show DOES go on by streaming a different play on the National Theatre at Home YouTube channel. You can find out more about showtimes and performances on their website. Just don’t forget to factor in the time zone difference!

Length: Typically around 3 hours.

National Theatre at Home | Flashpacker Chronicles

Cirque du Soleil

Experience: If you’re interested in something more acrobatic, catch a breathtaking Cirque du Soleil show. The company is known for their driving musical performances, amazing acrobatics, and gripping feats. They have a wealth of free content right now, from full shows to virtual tours and more!

Length: 60 minutes

Cirque Du Soleil Online Performance | Flashpacker Chronicles

New York Metropolitan Opera

Experience: Maybe try something you’ve never done before and stream New York Metropolitan Opera performances. They release one every day at 7:30pm EST and leave them up for 20 hours. The best part? Black-tie is totally optional, since, ya know, it’s your living room.

Length: Upwards of 4 hours, but you can skip around!

Metropolitan Opera Online | Flashpacker Chronicles

Virtual Architecture Tours

If museums and shows don’t fit your style, maybe try an alternative glimpse into other cultures by taking a peek inside some of the world’s most well recognized landmarks.

Sydney Opera House

Experience: Take a 360° tour of this Australian icon, with peeks at rehearsals, back rooms and more. The tour features outstanding performances that give you an understanding of why this is one of the world’s busiest performing arts centers.

Length: 10 minutes

Sydney Opera House Virtual Tour | Ways to Explore During Covid | Flashpacker Chronicles

Vatican Museum

Experience: Take a stunningly up-close and marvelously empty tour of the Vatican Museum. The tours include 7 different areas of the expansive museum including the Sistine Chapel and other, beautiful features of the Vatican.

Length: At your own pace.

Vatican Museum Virtual Tour | Flashpacker Blog

Virtual Street Tours

Google’s Street Art Collection

Experience: Maybe you prefer to walk the streets for an authentic feel in your travels. Feed your need to roam by checking out the world’s best graffiti with Google’s Street Art Collection where you can explore the streets of Moscow to Bombay and Paris to Buenos Aires.

Length: At your own pace, with numerous accompanying videos.

Google Street Art Project | Quarantine Travel Entertainment | Flashpacker Blog

Never Stop Exploring!

Traveling is exhilarating, eye-opening, and oh-so-good for the soul. But it can also be difficult and challenging. Trips rarely go one-hundred percent smoothly, and the well-traveled individual must learn to smile through the chaos and be flexible with their plans and expectations. Life is no different. COVID-19 has put us in an extremely difficult time, and now more than ever it’s important for us wanderers to remember the lessons in flexibility that travel has taught us. Our exploration of the world might look and feel a lot different right now, but we’re so grateful to have the technology that allows us to stay connected to our people and passions. Check out Part 3 for beautiful virtual tours of nature and scenery from around the world. Never stop exploring!

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