10 Reasons to Use Tripped Travel Gear Compression Packing Cubes

Using packing cubes has completely changed the way we pack for trips and made life on the road a million times easier. We’ve covered a number of reasons why you should be using packing cubes on your next trip in our Ultimate Guide to Packing Cubes. Today, we’re sharing 10 reasons why we love using our Tripped Travel Gear Compression Cubes.

1 - Save Space

Tripped Travel compression packing cubes feature a clever double zipper compression system to compress your clothing and gear. Use the inner zipper to pack the compression cube with your items, then zip the top and bottom of the cube together with the external zipper to push the air out of your items and compress the cube. With your items compressed, you can pack the cube in a smaller area or fit more gear into the same space. With these compression packing cubes you’ll save space and become an expert at single bag travel or comfortably fit more gear & clothing in your suitcase - just resist the temptation to overpack!

Save Space with Tripped Travel Packing Cubes

2 - Simple and Effective Compression

Compression is our favorite type of packing cubes and this set of Tripped cubes provides a simple and effective method to compress the contents. This double zipper system provides easy to use and highly effective manual compression. There is no need to bring along a heavy and bulky vacuum sealer that takes up all the space you saved by compressing your cubes. Plus vacuum seal cubes are expensive!

3 - Pack Better

Travel packing cubes allow you to keep your belongings compact and organized. The standard design of a suitcase or travel backpack is one large bucket to load all your clothes and gear into. This bucket style is great for maximizing packable space but presents some challenges in use. It’s a pain to grab items at the bottom and difficult to keep it organized when you’re living out of your travel bag.

Tripped Travel Gear will turn your suitcase into a mobile chest of drawers by grouping like clothing or even separating different days of outfits. Packing cubes are also the best way to easily keep clean clothes separate from dirty clothes. Avoid dumping your bag every time you get to a destination by making it much easier to live out of your travel bag.

Stay Organized with Tripped Travel Compression Cubes

4 - Use Them For Years

Tripped Travel Gear compression cubes feature durable and breathable ripstop fabric. This puncture and abrasion resistant material is smooth to the touch and can handle the bumps and bruises in your pack along the way. Double stitched zippers and reinforced zipper stops protect the most important part of the cubes from the wear and tear of opening, closing and compressing your items.

We’ve used a set of cubes frequently for over a year in our hands on testing and they are built to last. They’re easy to maintain and keep clean, both on the road and once you get home. If the cubes get dirty or begin to smell after a couple uses, just throw them in the washer on a low setting. If you don’t have access to a washing machine on the road, you can easily turn them inside out, rinse and wipe them clean.

5 - Adapt to Any Trip

With 6 cubes of varying sizes in each set, and 2 sets to choose from, you can adapt the cubes to any trip. Headed for an overnight business trip? Just grab a small and large cube from your set and you’re ready to pack your backpack. Spending a weekend in the mountains? Toss two large cubes and your laundry cube into your duffel. Headed out for a week-long vacation? Load your full carry on set and fill up that suitcase. Mix and match the 6 pieces so you can bring only what you need for each trip.

6 - Match Your Style

Tripped Travel packing cubes come in 5 unique colorways from professional and subdued to loud and bright graphics. Pick the set that fits your style, and your backpack or luggage for a stylish accent.

10 Reasons to Use Tripped Travel Gear Compression Packing Cubes

7 - Protect Your Gear

The water resistant ripstop material makes a barrier between the contents of your packing cubes and the rest of your bag. Don’t sweat toiletries ruining your clothes or your backpack, keep clean clothes safe from dirty clothes, and don’t stink up your bag with hiking shoes, just drop them in separate cubes and keep all of your gear protected.

8 - Grab Handles

All Tripped Travel Gear compression packing cubes come with a sewn-in grab handle. This handle makes it super easy to grab exactly what you need at all times. No more digging around a cluttered bag to pull out specific items. Just yank out the cube you need and then slide it back in when you’re done. Additionally, you can use the handle to clip cubes onto your pack with a carabiner or even carry them on their own if needed.

9 - Faster Packing and Unpacking

Repeatedly packing and unpacking your entire bag quickly becomes a pain when you’re moving between multiple destinations, especially on a long term trip. When you’re using Tripped packing cubes you only have 6 items to pack in your bag. You’ll know what cube houses which items and how they optimally fit in your pack. Before you know it, you’re packing on auto-pilot in 10 minutes flat.

10 - Balance Your Load

When you’re hauling your gear on your back down cobblestone streets or unpaved sidewalks proper weight distribution makes all the difference. Packing cubes make it easier to balance the weight of your clothing and gear. You’ll be able to keep the weight on your hips and close to the body by positioning heavier cubes at the back and base of your backpack. Once you find a distribution that works you can easily replicate it every time.

10 Reasons to Use Tripped Travel Gear Compression Packing Cubes

Our Customers Love Their Tripped Travel Compression Packing Cubes

These are our 10 reasons to travel with Tripped Travel Gear packing cubes, but don’t just take it from us. Here’s what our customers have to say.


Keeps my travel bags organized
“I can actually find my things after a couple of days abroad thanks to these cubes. A must for backpackers that need a little extra help keeping organized.


A game changer!
"Wow! Just used these for my trip for the first time. These make packing so much easier and efficient. Also so easy to clean- Had one thing explode in a bag and it was contained and then so easy to clean it. They really do a great job of compressing clothing and freeing up space. I got both the carry on size and full size. I’m a big fan!”


Awesome idea
“These are really well made. Been on 4 trips so far and they've held up incredibly well.”

Grab Your Tripped Travel Packing Cubes Today

These compression packing cubes are the perfect packing accessory. They keep you organized, save space, look great, and will last through years of adventures. Grab your set of Tripped Travel Compression Packing Cubes today.

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