9 Ways to Use an Overboard Dry Bag

Versatile might not be the first word that comes to mind when you see the Overboard Dry Bag Tube, but there are so many travel situations where this accessory can come in handy! The dry bag has become an automatic inclusion on nearly every trip we take. Some of the uses might be obvious, but we’ve found this dry bag has come in handy in many situations we didn't expect.

To help you get the most out of your Overboard Dry Bag, here are the top 9 ways to use it!

Overboard Dry Bag on the Beach

1 - Kayaking/ Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Extremely practical when you’re on a smaller watercraft that’s more likely to tip, use the 5 or 10 liter sizes of the dry bag on kayaks and stand up paddle boards. You can strap it onto the board or kayak or use the included sling strap to wear it. Keys, wallet, phones, and cameras will be protected and easily accessible with this kayak/ paddle board dry bag.

2 - Boating

No surprise here, when you’re heading out on the water for the day this is one of the best dry bags for boating. Stash your valuables in it to keep them safe from spray, splashes, or even if they get tossed overboard! When fully sealed this dry bag will float, making it easy to retrieve if it gets sent over the side or gets dropped when getting on and off.

Overboard Dry Bag on the Boat

3 - Rainy Days

This bag is extremely light and packs completely flat so it takes up virtually no room in your suitcase or backpack when unpacked. That means it's easy to bring as a backup daypack when you’re heading to a tropical climate, or traveling during the rainy season so that you can still get out and explore on rainy days!

4 - Cenotes & Waterfalls

Possibly our favorite use to solve the ultimate cenote/ waterfall dilemma - what to do with your stuff while playing in the water? Leaving your gear out of sight leaves it vulnerable to theft but bringing it with you will get it wet - Solution? The Overboard dry bag. Load your valuables inside and strap it to your back. Then you’re free to explore the water with peace of mind that your gear and money is safe and dry.

Overboard Dry Bag Secondary Daypack

5 - Secondary Daypack

Even if there’s no risk of rain or water the dry bag can come in handy when you need some extra carrying capacity. If your primary daypack is fully loaded but you need some extra gear for a day of exploring, the dry bag easily works as a secondary daypack for your travel buddy.

It can also function as an option to scale down your carry capacity by ditching your primary daypack when you don’t need it. Heading to a market or going gift shopping? Leave your full travel backpack at the hotel and bring the smaller dry bag to hold your gifts or groceries.

6 - Inside a Larger Daypack

Remove the shoulder strap and use it as a dry bag inside your larger daypack when you’re exploring in a wet climate or bad weather! With your electrics protected in the sealed dry bag you can explore all day long without worry.

Overboard Dry Bag on the Dive Boat

7 - SCUBA Diving

While you can submerge the bag without it leaking we’re not suggesting you actually take it to any significant depth! Instead, use it for your valuables on the dive boat. Salty water splashes everywhere and there’s often nowhere to put your valuables like phone, wallet, sunglasses, or keys while you’re diving. Load everything into the dry bag and hang it from your station so you know exactly where everything is when you surface.

8 - Hiking

The simple shoulder strap isn't ideal for long term treks but when you need a small pack on a hike this bag works great! Wear it cross body so it stays in place and load your water, snacks, and other items inside.

9 - At the Beach

Water isn’t the only threat to your gear at the beach, not only is the dry bag 100% waterproof but it also keeps out sand, snow, and dirt. Get your items back sand-free by sealing them in the bag when you’re hanging at the beach. Plus, you can use the dry bag for swimming instead of leaving your phone & wallet unattended on the beach.

Overboard Dry Bag at the Beach

Overboard Dry Bag Tube

This is one of the best dry bags for kayaking, boating, and other water based activities but equally versatile for all of these other travel situations! If wet weather or water is in your travel plan, absolutely include this bag, but even when it's brought as a just in case you’ll likely benefit from it.

This bag is durably built and went through rigorous testing in our Overboard Dry Bag Review (including dunk tests) so you know it will keep up for years of use and ensure 100% waterproof protection. Available in 5 sizes and a range of colors, there’s an Overboard Dry Bag Tube for every adventure!

Overboard Dry Bag in the Water

Always Travel With Waterproof Protection

We’re big proponents of always traveling with waterproof protection on every trip. There are so many situations (both planned & unplanned) that a waterproof case or dry bag will come in handy. The Overboard Dry Bag Tube is our go to, but there are a range of additional waterproof bags & cases you can consider.

If you want to comfortably carry a large amount of gear and keep it dry, the Overboard Waterproof Backpack is a great bet. Perfect for hikes in the jungle or long days on the water.

Smaller accessories can be protected in dedicated waterproof cases as well. A waterproof camera bag, waterproof iPad case, or waterproof phone case will protect your most valuable electronics.

Finally, if you need to haul a serious amount of gear and ensure it all stays dry, check out an Overboard Waterproof Duffel Bag.

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