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This bag is a cute and trendy daypack option for everyday carry or for exploring a new city. The mini backpack size makes this the perfect size. Available in 8 bright and fun colors with vibrant interior patterns there is a Market Pack option for all styles or destinations.


17 Liters of packable space make this bag a perfect median between a full size backpack and a smaller purse or tote daypack. External pockets allow for quick and easy access and the bag can open up for ease when packing. Magnetic snaps close the external pockets making it easy to open for better or worse.


Given the versatility of the Market Pack, this bag is very well priced. You’ll find yourself using this bag in every instance possible and the durable scratch resistant and waterproof nylon on the exterior of the bag ensures it will last through your adventures. The leather accents on the bag and straps help ensure structure and durability. The color coating on the straps and drawstring do show some signs of use over time.

Pros & Cons

 Pros Cons
This bag fits an often difficult space between a full size backpack and a smaller daypack. With 17 liters of packable space this bag can pull double duty as an everyday carry bag or an overnight bag. The nylon exterior covering most of the bag seems ultra durable, but the coated leather pieces do show some sign of wear and tear over time.
Cute design aesthetic and fun colors make this bag a head turner, and certainly hits all the right marks for trendy travel bags. The bag is light and malleable, but can be a bit structureless when empty or only partially packed.
External pockets makes grabbing your items quickly and easily a snap. The shoulder straps use a single loop and can require adjustment each time the bag is taken on and off.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Product Reviews

Who is the Market Pack Ideal For?

The Hadaki Market Pack Travel Daypack is perfect for travelers looking to explore new cities. Because of its size, the Market Pack is a great option as an everyday carry daypack allowing travelers to throw everything they need for their daily adventures into the 17 liters of packable space. Additionally, the Market Pack is a great option as an overnight or day trip option for light packers who need to pack more than just the daily essentials.

The Market Pack is most at home on planes, trains or on the streets of a new city. The fun colors, trendy design and thin straps lend themselves to urban exploration much more than trailblazing the great outdoors.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Product Reviews | Flashpacker Co

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Full Review of the Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Backpack


Combining affordable luxury and fashionable function, Hadaki has been designing and manufacturing unique products for decades. Aimed at a wide range of consumers, Hadaki has an emphasis on high quality workmanship, eco-friendly, easy to clean materials and inspired designs. Bold patterns and ambitious style are evident in all of their products, including the Urban Sling.


The Hadaki Market Pack Backpack weighs in at an extremely light 1 lb and 4 ounces unpacked and boasts roughly 17 liters of packing capacity. At 13 inches tall and 7 inches wide, this bag resembles a mini backpack and fits the area between a full backpack and a smaller daypack. At this size, the Market Pack has plenty of space for the daily essentials and more. In addition to your water bottle, wallet, keys, passport and phone, the Market Pack has room for a large power bank, a change of clothes and/or a towel, making this bag a great option for your day long adventures. If you’re an extremely light packer and you’re traveling with packing cubes, this bag could even sustain you for overnight trips.

The exterior of the bag is made from durable nylon and has a vibrant and full color aesthetic. This nylon material is scratch and stain resistant and is somewhat weatherproof. This bag is not waterproof, but can endure through rain and spills easily, protecting your items and easily cleaning up after the fact.

On the outside, the pack boasts three quick access snap closing pockets. On the front of the bag there is an 8 inches wide by 6 inches tall pocket. This pocket has plenty of room for quick access items like a phone, wallet and power bank. The pocket is sealed with a sizable magnetic snap. The snap does a good job of keeping the pocket closed under normal use, but overpacking the pocket and rough handling can cause the snap to unintentionally release.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

On each side of the bag there is an additional snap closing pocket. These are much smaller, only about 5 inches wide and 6 inches tall, and are ideal for other items where convenience might be a priority like hand sanitizer, a face mask, chapstick or snacks.

While convenient to quickly open and close, the snap shutting pockets aren’t designed as anti-theft features. If you’re in an area where pickpocketing is a concern, keep valuables in the main pocket.

All of the pockets share the same interior material as the interior of the bag. This 100% polyester material is scratch and abrasion resistant, and the contrasting bright patterns makes it easy to spot your items.

The bag also features a structured leather bottom. An often overlooked perk, the added padding on this bottom panel can add extra protection for fragile items like a laptop or tablet; the bag can comfortably carry up to a 15” laptop in a padded sleeve.

On the back of the bag, you’ll find the same durable nylon. Unlike a traditional canvas or twill fabric, this material does tend to collect less moisture and stay a bit cooler, keeping the bag comfortable on long days. Ideally, we’d like to see some breathable mesh or a molded back panel for a bag intended to be carried for multiple hours.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

The straps are connected to the bag through a series square metal rings and a single leather strap. This leather strap moves freely through the loops to allow for adjustments to the length or weight distribution of the bag. Two metal buckles (one on each side) allow for the strap to be shortened or lengthened.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Blog

This unique strap system certainly has its pros and cons. The straps can be easily adjusted, shortened and lengthened for multiple carry methods. Conversely, the straps can be a bit too free moving and require a recentering each time you put the bag back on.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

The straps on the Market Pack are a bit thin and are made of a coated leather material. In normal cases, this is not an issue and it looks really great. However, extended days wearing this pack (especially on hot days or when wearing a tank top) could cause some discomfort.

The strap used to carry the bag is constantly being pulled through and adjusted on the square metal rings. Over time, we expect this frequent friction will wear away the coating on the leather.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

Additionally, the leather strip that runs through the eyelets in the rim of the bag also suffers from the frequent friction and shows some wear & tear after 4 weeks of daily use.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

Branding on this pack is kept to a minimum. There is a single metal badge on the right side pocket.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

The Hadaki Market Pack is available in 8 colors so you’re sure to find the look that fits your style.

Inside the Hadaki Market Pack

The main compartment for the bag is accessed through a top loading opening underneath a leather panel. The leather panel secures to the front of the pack with another magnetic snap and the top closure can be further secured with a cinching system and a leather strap that runs through a series of eyelets on the rim of the opening. This double closure helps make up for the less secure external pockets.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

Inside the Market Pack, the bag is lined with a bright contrast pattern. The actual pattern differs based on the exterior color and pattern, but they are designed to contrast and complement the exterior color while making it easy to see and find your items. This interior fabric is 100% polyester, smooth to the touch and abrasion resistant.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

Inside the main compartment you will find a small organization panel with slots for pens or a stylus, and a small notepad or planner.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Travel Gear

You will also find an additional zipper pocket large enough for a wallet, phone, passport or quick cash & coins.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Travel Gear

The main compartment of the bag is largely freeform allowing the bag to stretch and flex to fit items without losing its shape. This lets you pack the bag in anyway you want. If you’re packing for a full day or overnight trip we recommend using packing cubes to keep everything organized.

Testing & Ownership

We’ve been testing the Hadaki Market Pack for four weeks now and are loving the bag as a daily driver or for longer day trips. With the perfect amount of capacity, the Market Pack can help you feel and function like a travel pro. The 17 liters of packing space and the mini backpack design are truly the perfect size for a day trip, giving that extra room you need for a change of clothes and/or a towel.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Product Reviews

The fun and vibrant colors are sure to turn heads and the trendy design of the bag, straps and pockets compliment the attention grabbing colors.

The bag seems very durable in most places. We anticipate the nylon exterior and the polyester interior fabrics to last a very long time and look great while doing it. The nonporous weave of both fabrics make it easy to wipe away any spills and make the bag very scratch and abrasion resistant. Unfortunately, the coated leather straps used for the shoulder straps and to cinch down the top closure are cause for concern. This bag has truly been put to the test as a daily use pack for 4 weeks, but the wear and tear on these two leather straps seems to be more aggressive than we would like to see.

Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Review | Flashpacker Co

Final Verdict

The Hadaki Market Pack Daypack Backpack is a fun and trendy option as a daily backpack or for longer day trips. The bag looks great, has an extremely useful middle ground capacity and is light and comfortable to wear. If the bag had a bit more structure and the shoulder straps and top closure strap were a bit more durable, this bag would be a homerun, but as it stands it is a great option for day to day urban exploring.

If you're looking for a leather daypack and bright colors aren't your thing, check out the Sherpani Citizen Tote Backpack. For a higher end, traditional looking leather daypack we recommend the Jack Foster Waxed Canvas & Horween Leather Daypack. Love the colors but not the carrying style? Check out the Hadaki Urban Sling Bag.

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