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Overall Rating: 9.3


An amazing alternative to a clutch or purse, the Hadaki Urban Sling is a cute and convenient everyday use pack. The nylon exterior material provides a full, vibrant color and the leather accents give the bag structure and add aesthetic appeal. The size of the pack and the sling strap match perfectly and provide a great look for the urban explorer.


The parallel side zippers, only accessible from the rear of the bag are a great anti-theft feature that doesn’t impede the accessibility or use for the wearer. Inside, you’ll find a fun contrasting pattern and additional organization. A front zip pocket and side slots provide space for quick access items and the bag has multiple D-rings if you need to attach a carabiner for more carrying capacity.


This bag has proven to be incredibly versatile and durable. The bag shows no signs of wear after weeks of testing. The nylon exterior has a smooth nonporous feel and is extremely scratch and stain resistant. We expect this bag to last years while looking great and being our consistent choice as a daily driver.

Pros & Cons

 Pros Cons
This is a great looking small daypack and makes keeping your essentials and daily items with you at all times a breeze. The plastic strap hardware can occasionally slide, unintentionally allowing the strap to lengthen.
This bag boasts a spacious 5 liters of capacity while staying light, comfortable and handsfree. This is a small daypack and is not intended as a substitute for a weekend backpack or carry-on.
The beefy shoulder strap keeps the bag positioned properly on your back and does not allow the bag to swing freely like a traditional purse or drawstring bag.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Product Reviews

Who is the Urban Sling Ideal For?

With 5 liters of packing space, the Hadaki Urban Sling is ideal for use as a small daypack carrying your daily essentials. Whether you’re exploring a new city, zipping through an airport or headed to a concert, the Urban Sling has the space, look and convenience to handle the trip. Load up your phone, wallet, keys, passport, water bottle and whatever else you might need for a day trip.

This bag is not intended to be a substitute for a full hiking pack or weekend bag. With 5 liters of space, fitting more than 1 liter of water, a change of clothes or a towel will prove difficult with the Urban Sling.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag | Daypacks

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Full Review of the Hadaki Urban Sling Travel Daypack


Combining affordable luxury and fashionable function, Hadaki has been designing and manufacturing unique products for decades. Aimed at a wide range of consumers, Hadaki has an emphasis on high quality workmanship, eco-friendly, easy to clean materials and inspired designs. Bold patterns and ambitious style are evident in all of their products, including the Urban Sling.


The Urban Sling weighs in just under 13 oz. unpacked and is roughly 13 inches tall and 9 inches wide. This is a small and comfortable size for a long day, even for the smallest travelers out there. Even with the compact design, it packs plenty of space for the daily essentials. A 1 liter water bottle, wallet, keys, passport, phones and a power bank are an easy fit. As mentioned previously, this is a substitute for a purse or other sling bag, and we do not recommend attempting to fit more than the daily essentials. A towel, a change of clothes or even multiple water bottles will be a tough challenge to fit inside the bag.

Durable nylon provides a vibrant and full color aesthetic, while colored leather accents add shape and structure to the bag. The nylon exterior is extremely scratch and stain resistant and provides a decent level of weatherproofing. This bag is not waterproof, but can endure through rain and spills, protecting your items and easily cleaning up after the fact.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Blog

On the outside, the pack boasts three quick access storage compartments. On the front of the bag there is a single zip access pocket behind the leather accent strip. This pocket is surprisingly deep and spacious (about 5 inches deep) and can easily fit a wallet, keys and more. Although this zipper does not have any anti theft features, the zipper can be tucked behind the leather strip disguising the zipper (and pocket) all together.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review

Additionally, there are two slot pockets, one of each side of the bag. These could be mistaken for water bottle pockets, although they are much too small to fit even a reasonably sized bottle. We’ve found these pockets best for small quick access items like a hand sanitizer bottle, a face mask, chapstick or snacks.

On the backside, breathable mesh runs the full length and width of the pack.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Product Reviews

Although we prefer a molded back panel for air flow on a larger, full size backpack, this breathable mesh is a great fit for this smaller, lighter pack. The mesh keeps the pack from trapping heat and moisture on your back and a padded panel behind the mesh makes for a comfortable feel.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review

At the bottom of the pack, two leather tabs connect to D-rings allowing for easy clip-on access for water bottles or additional storage.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

All the hardware on this bag, with the exception of the main clip on the strap, is made from solid, polished metal. This includes the 3 D-rings, the strap clips and the 3 exterior zippers. Speaking of the exterior zippers, they are accented with conveniently sized metal pull tags.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review

Branding on this pack is kept to a minimum. There is a single metal badge on the front of the bag with accent leather and colored stitching surrounding it. Additionally, the metal zipper pull tags have the Hadaki logo engraved into them. These are excellent tasteful inclusions and improve the overall appearance of the pack.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

The strap is connected to the top of the pack with a double slotted metal attachment which is sewn into the pack & strap and cannot be removed. This design allows the strap some lateral movement for added comfort.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

At the bottom of the pack, the strap clips into a metal ring. The strap can easily be unclipped and swapped to the other side depending on which shoulder you want to wear the bag across.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

In the middle of the strap, a large plastic buckle allows for the strap to be easily clipped and unclipped, making the pack easy to take on and off. The buckle also allows for easy adjustment to the length of the strap. The one downfall of the buckle is that it does not do a great job of clamping down on the strap and maintaining the desired strap length if there isn’t constant pressure on the strap. When wearing the pack, this is not an issue, but if you are continually picking up and putting down the pack you may notice that the strap slips through the buckle a bit and can unintentionally lengthen the strap. A quick cinch once you’ve put it back on resecures your desired length.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

All of the attachment points for the strap are connected with sturdy leather accents that not only look great, but they make the pack feel sturdy, responsive and greatly improve the longevity of the pack over time. There is also an available leather loop attached to the lower strap to allow for some solid strap management.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

The buckle and strap do a great job of reducing the rubbing points, and the wide strap keeps the pack from swinging unintentionally away from body or shifting positions. In general, the strap is nice and wide and does a great job of spreading out the pressure and abrasion points for a crossbody sling. With other sling bags, we’ve had an issue with one spot or another developing a hotspot if we used the bag for long periods of time.

The Hadaki Urban Sling is available in 14 patterned designs and 12 solid colors so you’re sure to find the look that fits your style.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

Inside the Hadaki Urban Sling

On the back of the pack you’ll find two zippers running the full height of the bag. Both zippers provide full access to the interior of the pack.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

Inside the pack, the bag is lined with a bright contrast pattern. The actual pattern differs based on the exterior color and pattern, but they are designed to contrast and compliment the exterior color while making it easy to see and find your items. This interior fabric is 100% polyester, smooth to the touch and abrasion resistant.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

Inside the main compartment you will also find two additional zipper pockets for extra security and organization. These pockets are pretty small and are unlikely to fit a phone or wallet, but keys or quick cash or coins are a perfect fit.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

Testing & Ownership

We’ve been testing the Hadaki Urban Sling for four weeks now and are extremely impressed with this bag as a small daypack. The Urban Sling is a massive upgrade over a traditional purse or clutch for the urban explorer. Its design is sleek and convenient while providing the perfect hands-free carrying capacity for everyday adventures.

It fills a perfect sweet spot where you need some items for daily adventures like water, snacks, money and identification, but isn’t so large as to be incredibly inconvenient to carry for a full day like a backpack might be.

Besides its function, the pack is a really good looking accessory. It’s a great size for most women and not horribly out of place on men either. All of the colors are fun and vibrant and the branding on the bag is kept to a tasteful minimum.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

The bag has been incredibly durable. The nylon exterior fabric is very nonporous and hasn’t shown any picks in the fabric despite extensive use. The hardware and the leather attachments are well sewn and show no signs of stress or use.

We were originally concerned that the lack of entry into the pack from the front of the bag would prove inconvenient, but that was not the case at all. The zippers are made perfectly so that when you swing the pack around to your front side (keeping it latched) you can unzip one zipper and access everything in the pack. All of your items are consistently at your fingertips.

Hadaki Urban Sling Bag Review | Flashpacker Co

Final Verdict

The Hadaki Urban Sling is a true everyday driver for the urban explorer. With the ability to conveniently carry all of your daily essentials, in style and at a great price, this pack is very high up on our recommendations list.

If you're looking for a sling bag with more capacity and added anti theft features check out the Sherpani Esprit Anti Theft Travel Bag. For a more rugged alternative with larger capacity the Chrome Industries Kadet Messenger Style Sling Bag is a great option.

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