Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

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Overall Rating: 9.0


There are no questions when it comes to the look of the Ginza. This crossbody daypack looks great. Bright, bold colors, low profile modern design and tasteful contrast color branding. The Ginza will add style to your travel repertoire.


The Ginza is compact, sleek and easy to use. There is just enough room for the essentials, keeping the pack light and keeping you comfortable all day.


The Ginza is not the most economical crossbody bag, but the materials and construction makes us confident that it will last through years and years of adventures, making it a solid investment.

Pros & Cons

 Pros Cons
The Ginza looks incredible. It’s full of style with bold, bright colors, sleek and modern design, and high-quality materials. It will immediately elevate your travel style. The compact size and small capacity limits the use to only the essentials. There is no room for a laptop, towel, change of clothes, or even a water bottle.
Featuring 4 liters of packable space, this pack covers your everyday carry needs when you’re out exploring without weighing you down. This bag likely won’t be your one and only daypack. It's ideal for urban use so it works great as a personal item on the plane, when you’re out for lunch, or afternoons walking the city. It’s not made for hikes and won’t double as an overnight bag.
Solid construction and high-quality materials mean this bag will be around for years of adventures and keep looking great. There’s no quick release buckle on the strap. The lack of a release buckle contributes to the refined style but it also means the only way to remove the pack is by swinging it over your head.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

Who is the Jetcet Ginza Sling Bag Ideal For?

The Jetcet Ginza Sling Bag blends beautiful design and materials with comfortable and functional features. For jetsetters, city explorers and daily commuters who love to look and feel great while traveling, the Ginza delivers. With bold and bright colors, a refined leather appearance and compact design, the Ginza is a real head turner.

With 4 liters of packable space, the Ginza is ideal for use as a small daypack or purse alternative, carrying daily essentials like your keys, phone, wallet, airpods, and more. There is even a rear pocket, safely placed against your back, ideal for keeping your phone or wallet secure from pickpockets.

At this size though, the Ginza is not intended to be a substitute for a full-sized daypack. Those looking for a good hiking pack or weekend bag should consider larger options.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag

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Full Review of the Jetcet Ginza Sling Bag


Jetcet products inspire the journey, not just the destination. Jetcet produces high quality and thoughtfully designed travel gear to make life on the road more enjoyable. Their trendy designs, bright colors, and fashion forward products are sure to keep you looking great while adventuring.

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The Ginza is a modern crossbody sling bag that is compact and refined. The full pack weighs in at only 13 oz unpacked and is roughly 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide. The pack is also sewn to be fairly low profile and only extends 2 inches out from your body. This is a very compact sling, but despite its minute stature it looks great on just about every body size (We love the limited edition black colorway for men!).

This compact size and weight means that the Ginza is a breeze to carry all day even without padded shoulder straps or a breathable back panel. This compact size does come with drawbacks though as the Ginza is very focused on its function of carrying the daily essentials. Fitting extras like a water bottle, electronics organizer or tablet will be a problem. It’s a fantastic substitute for a small daypack like a fanny pack or a travel purse but not meant to haul loads of gear.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

Fully wrapped with a durable and unique PVC material, the Ginza has the look and feel of leather but offers water resistance, easy cleaning, and long-lasting durability without the wear or break-in period of leather. Right out of the box the Ginza is structured, but soft to the touch and the bold and bright colors of the bag won’t fade or develop a patina. The bag is not advertised as being waterproof, but the exterior material is extremely nonporous and nonabrasive, making it impressively weather resistant and ultra-scratch resistant. The Ginza can easily endure through rain and spills, while keeping your items dry and easily wiping clean after.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

On the outside, the pack features two primary pockets. The front pocket opens up to the main storage compartment where the majority of the 4 liters of packable space reside. On the back panel of the bag there is an additional zipped pocket offering just enough room for a wallet or phone. Pressed against your back, this pocket offers pickpocket protection for your most valuable items.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

Although we prefer a molded back panel for air flow on a larger, full size backpack, the Ginza’s size and weight make a more performance focused back panel unnecessary. This also means that the back of the pack is just as protected from rain and spills as the front of the pack and the full body construction looks great.

All of the hardware on this bag is made from solid, polished metal. This includes the zipper components, zipper pulls, the D-ring attachment and the adjustment buckle on the shoulder strap. These contoured and polished components are a nice touch on such a refined bag and will allow the pack to last through years and years of adventures.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

Branding on the Ginza is perfectly executed as the pack features only a single badge on the top and center of the front side. This rubberized patch offers an excellent looking pop of contrast color on all of the designs.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

The crossbody shoulder strap of the Ginza is sewn into the top of the pack and connects to the bottom left corner with a D-ring. This means the pack is ideally worn over the right shoulder although it can be worn on either shoulder effectively. The strap itself is made of high-quality nylon, and can be easily adjusted in length using the buckle on the strap. The strap contains no buckles or sewing that could rub or chafe after a long day of exploring, but also does not feature any way to quickly release the strap. This means you must take the pack over your head in order to remove it.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

The Jetcet Ginza Sling is available in 4 colors; blue, coral, black, and white.

Inside the Jetcet Ginza Sling Bag

Inside the main compartment of the Ginza sling, you’ll find the interior of the bag is outfitted with bright contrast colored nylon. The actual pattern differs based on the exterior color and pattern, but they are designed to contrast and complement the exterior color while making it easy to see and find your items. This bright color makes it easy to find what you’re looking for even in low light, but you won’t need to look too far.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

The Ginza’s compact design boasts only 4 liters of packable space, but does feature several organization slots for keeping items separated and secure. The primary slot in the back of the pack is the perfect size for a small tablet while the front slot makes it easy to stow keys or credit cards to grab quickly.

The back pocket of the Ginza also features this same high contrast nylon interior material, but you won’t need to search through this pocket as it will realistically only fit a phone or wallet.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

Testing & Ownership

We’ve been testing the Ginza Sling bag for a few months now that travel has resumed and are extremely impressed with this bag. The Ginza is a huge functional improvement over a traditional purse that is not designed to be carried all day. Additionally, the sling design is much more convenient than carrying a clutch for the urban explorer.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

The Ginza’s lightweight and compact profile make it a breeze to carry all day and the small design makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. It can be tightened down to stay in place on a bike or scooter ride, while relaxing for walking or subway trips. The Ginza is especially a joy in airports where you need quick access to items like your phone, wallet, and mask and where you’re constantly taking out your ID and boarding pass only to stash them away again.

However, style is where the Ginza truly shines. The bag features bold, full and bright colors that are sure to stand out in a crowd, and the clean modern design makes this bag worthy of the attention. Its design is sleek and convenient while providing the perfect hands-free carrying capacity for single adventures.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

Lastly, the Ginza is durable. The nonporous PVC material looks great, but performs even better. After months of use, the Ginza shows no signs of wear and tear, no scratches, no fading or discoloration. Even better, if you do happen to spill your coffee or drop the Ginza on the street, it is a snap to wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Two features that are missing from the Ginza that we’d love to see are a way to carry a water bottle and quick release buckle so that the bag can be put on and off easily.

Jetcet Ginza Travel Sling Bag Product Review

Final Verdict

The Jetcet Ginza Sling Bag is a great option for jetsetters, daily commuters and urban explorers alike. The 4 liters of packable space make it a great option for carrying daily essentials in style. The durable PVC material makes the pack easy to clean and ensures it will be around for years of adventures. Finally, the bold colors, sleek profile and refined design make the Ginza a stylish way to hit the road.

If you’re looking for a sling bag with a larger capacity than the Jetcet Ginza consider the Peak Design Everyday Sling which offers 6 liters. The Hadaki Urban Sling is a great alternative if you love the style and colors of the Ginza but prefer a simple nylon exterior.

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