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Onli Travel Venture Travel Backpack | Suitcase Backpack

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Review Summary

Overall Rating: 9.7


The Venture has a refined and modern aesthetic, but what really makes this bag look great is the way it can minimize the clutter & cluster of carrying multiple bags through the airport, taxi or into a hotel. Breezing through your travels with a single organized bag is a great look.


The usability and functional design are excellent. Reconfiguring the bag to your needs is a snap, there are plenty of exterior pockets for quick access items and tons of internal pockets for superior organization. The pack strikes a perfect balance between desired features and usability that make it an easy pick for all kinds of trips.


The Venture Pack is a true single bag travel solution that can operate as your luggage pack, business bag, everyday daypack, weekender backpack and more. When you pack in a Venture Pack you won’t need any other travel bag. Combine this versatility and plethora of applications with the quality construction and durable materials, and you have a bag that can perform well in a ton of different applications and do it for a long time. A 7 in 1, at this quality level, at this price, is an absolute steal.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
The Venture Pack is a true Swiss army knife of travel bags adjusting for trips of any length, and providing huge value both in transit and once you reach your destination. As an all in one, the bag is a bit heavier than other luggage backpacks and less comfortable to carry on your back for long periods of time.
The modular design is cleverly made to deliver exactly what you need, while easily transitioning between configurations. The expansive potential configurations, the plethora of organization options, and the pure number of zippers on this bag can initially be overwhelming until you get used to using it.
The thoughtful design and quality materials make the bag structured, rigid and durable for a lifetime of adventures. The initial price tag can seem steep until you realize the value that you are getting for 3 separate travel bags that can cover the vast majority of your travel needs.


Who is the Onli Travel Venture Pack Ideal For?

Have you ever been frustrated lugging 2, 3 or even 4 bags through the airport, onto the train or even into your hotel? Have you ever had an upcoming trip and just not had the right backpack or suitcase for the trip and had to cram everything into something small, or lug around an unnecessarily large suitcase? Well the Onli Travel Venture Pack is perfect for you.

This modular, all in one, travel bag solution makes it easy to have exactly the right luggage for just about any trip. The Onli Travel bag can adjust from an all in one full checked rolling suitcase into 2 or even 3 different packs, depending on your space, capacity, and convenience needs. Adjustable all the way from 2 liters of packing capacity up to 58 liters, the Venture Pack is truly a single bag solution meeting all of your travel needs in one clever design.

Onli Travel Suitcase Backpack | Modular Travel Backpack

Shop the Venture 7 in 1 Convertible Travel Pack

Whether you’re a consistent business traveler, jet setting digital nomad, or an annual vacationer, the Venture Pack can adjust to your needs. With so many options to add capacity or expand the packs, the Venture Pack is perfect for short weekend trips or indefinitely long digital nomad stays. Providing the perfect luggage bag to get you from A to B, while also having a built in daypack and laptop backpack, ready for use in transit or once you arrive.

This is a travel luggage solution that can be intended for everyday use. The materials and construction hold up easily to daily use, and the aesthetic is appropriate for all types of business and urban applications.

Due to the weight and rigidity the one place the Venture Pack might not be the perfect choice is out on the trail. If you’re looking to carry a suitcase or hiking backpack, fully packed, on your back for an extended period of time, there are better choices than the Venture Pack. When fully assembled the Venture Pack operates best as a rolling suitcase rather than a backpack. It is a capable backpack for short periods, but not an ideal backpacking or overnight hiking pack.

Full Review of the Onli Travel 7 in 1 Venture Convertible Travel Pack

Onli Travel

Onli Travel has a simple vision; to help users of their products travel better. Their innovative flagship Venture Pack gives travelers more flexibility to travel wherever and however they want, without needing to check luggage. The Venture was created from the first hand experience (and frustrations) of the founder’s jet-setting business and leisure travel life. Onli Travel was initially designed to help travelers cope with tighter airline baggage restrictions but has evolved into a one bag travel solution for flexible and hassle free trips.


Onli Travel Venture 7 in 1 Backpack

As a 7 in 1 single bag travel solution, the Onli Travel Venture Pack packs a lot of punch into a single bag. As a carry-on luggage that converts to a backpack, there are extensive applications for the bag and you’ll find yourself consistently packing in the Venture Pack.

The entire exterior of the bag is made of a lightly textured, abrasion resistant and weather resistant twill material. This material holds up really well against the bumps, bruises and scrapes of urban travel. It is also very easy to clean off dirt, grime and mud with a simple wipe down a wet cloth. This soft material makes the entire bag somewhat flexible, helping it fit into tight spots, and accommodating for whatever your packing needs may be.

Onli Travel Venture Pack External Material

The bag does feature great structure though, thanks to a hard plastic frame, and solid base plate built into the center rolling bag portion.

The bag looks great in urban applications including airports, trains, hotels, and city streets. The sleek external material is complemented with several stitched nylon areas that provide accent color and increased durability and rigidity to the bag. All of the external features are cleverly hidden or well integrated making this feature rich travel bag look natural rather than over engineered.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Suitcase Backpack

Branding on the bag is kept to an absolute minimum with only a single sewn-in badge on the front of the pack showing the Onli logo.

Onli Travel Venture Suitcase Backpack | Onli Branding

Primary Configurations

The real value of the Onli Travel bag is its incredible versatility thanks to a plethora of potential configurations. These configurations are comprised of 3 primary units that can be used alone, or combined in several different combinations to meet all of your travel needs.

Laptop Backpack

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Laptop Backpack

The Laptop Backpack portion of the Venture Pack weighs in at 2lbs 12oz.

On the front side, the Laptop Backpack features 5 external pockets. Up top, 2 nylon drop pockets allow quick access to items like a power bank, camera, or headphones. Below these drop pockets are 3 additional zippered pockets. The front two can be used independently, thanks to the zip in divider to store smaller items like a boarding pass or bus ticket, or can be used in conjunction with each other to fit large items like a cell phone. Behind these pockets sits a larger RFID protected zipped pocket large enough to fit items like an electronics organizer, tablet, or passport wallet.

Inside the main zipper, the laptop backpack features a large 17” floating laptop sleeve, with a soft fleece interior and velcro strap to secure your device. There is also a bit of additional space to drop a packing cube, portfolio or light jacket behind the compression straps inside the main compartment of the backpack.

Onli Travel Laptop Backpack | Floating Laptop Sleeve

With 8 liters of packable space, this is truly a slim laptop backpack ideal for carrying your daily work essentials through airports & train stations or working from a coffee shop while traveling.

On the backside, this backpack features two contoured, adjustable shoulder straps. 

Onli Travel Laptop Backpack | Back Panel

These straps are heavily padded and feature a breathable mesh material on the interior side.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Shoulder Strap Detail

The straps are sewn into the top of the bag, while at the bottom they are connected with a pair of clips and D-rings. The clip and D-ring design allows the straps to be tucked away into the back panel and stowed when not in use.

Onli Travel Venture Backpack | Straps Stowed

The straps are connected to each other up top by a convenient grab handle, and a sternum strap. This sternum strap can be adjusted in length as well as the height at which it crosses your chest for a perfect fit every time.

The back panel is also heavily padded and features the same breathable mesh. The padding design is very clever with two paraspinal pads as well as a lumbar pad, with the textured twill between to allow for more airflow on the back.

Onli Travel Venture Backpack | Back Panel

The bottom of the pack features a hard plastic base plate, as well as two hard plastic pads that provide a stable base and help protect the contents of the bag from drops.

Airline Personal Item/Compact Daypack

Onli Travel Airline Personal Item | Compact Daypack

The Compact Daypack portion of the Venture Pack weighs in at 1lb 15oz unpacked.

The back panel of this pack is made of the same textured twill material as the rest of the exterior. This pack is streamlined for a low profile and does not feature a molded or breathable panel, or padded shoulder straps. Instead, it utilizes a pair of very light shoulder straps, adjustable using the velcro connection.

Onli Travel Compact Daypack | Back Panel

The back panel also features a pair of hard plastic clips/hooks that in combination with the velcro straps allow you to clip the daypack onto the seat in front of you on a plane or train. This makes an easy access desk with all of your essentials at your fingertips while on the go.

The bottom of the compact daypack also features the same hard plastic base plate, as well as two hard plastic pads from the laptop backpack that provide a stable base, and help protect the contents of the bag from drops.

On the front side, the compact daypack includes plenty of organization. At the top of the pack, there is a large zippered pocket (roughly 13” x 8”) with a pass-through slot. This pocket is your go-to organization compartment for quick access to electronics and in-transit entertainment. It features an expansive organization panel with multiple slip and zipped pockets plus a tablet sleeve and cable pass through slot for headphones or chargers.

Onli Travel Personal Item | Top Pocket Organization Panel

Below this pocket there is an additional large zipper pocket with 3 more large mesh drop pockets and a zippered mesh pocket.

Onli Travel Compact Daypack | Lower Zip Pocket

On the outside of the lower large pocket, there are two additional zippered pockets for quick access items like a wallet or phone.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Exterior Zip Pocket

On the side of the compact daypack, you’ll find a zipper running the full perimeter of the bag that will allow you to expand or compress the daypack. Once expanded, you can access the main bucket style compartment from the zipper at the top of the pack. This 15 liter compartment has the space and versatility to fit a number of items. If you’re headed onto the plane, or to a coffee shop for a few hours of work, there is plenty of room for a laptop (in a laptop case) as well as a document portfolio. Alternatively, if you’re using this as an overnight bag, several packing cubes and your toiletry kit will fit perfectly.

Onli Travel Compact Daypack | Expand & Water Bottle

Once expanded, you’ll also find two side water bottle pockets on the bag.

Keep this compact pack with you when the rest of your gear is in the overhead bin.

Rolling Suitcase

The Venture Pack also comes complete with a soft shell rolling suitcase.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Rolling Suitcase

The suitcase is made of the same textured twill material as the rest of the bag, and features a rigid back panel, while the sides and top are soft and moldable. Up top, a small zipper reveals the telescoping handle and cleverly hides it away when not in use.

Onli Travel Rolling Suitcase | Telescoping Handle

On the bottom, the Venture Pack features a structured bottom panel with two hard plastic pads that allow the bag to sit upright, and two smooth rolling wheels.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Bottom Panel

On the sides of the rolling suitcase you will find three zippered pockets. On the right side, there is a single tall pocket with a mesh support perfect for a large water bottle. On the left side, there are two smaller zipper pockets one above the other. These pockets are great for a phone, boarding pass or other quick access items.

Onli Travel Rolling Suitcase Side Pockets

The front of the suitcase also features a large and deep zipper pocket ideal for a passport wallet, tablet, or book.

Inside of the clamshell opening of the suitcase, there are 25 liters of packable space. A mesh zippered pocket on one of the sidewalls and the large mesh zippered pocket on the front panel provide some organization inside the suitcase to separate clean from dirty clothes, or hold toiletries or electronics. The suitcase also features two compression straps that help hold your items firmly in place and keep things the way you packed them while in transit.

The bag also features three grab handles, one on the top of the bag, one on the bottom, and one on the right side above the zippered side pocket.

Additional Configurations

Besides the 3 primary configurations, the Venture Pack can adjust and combine the primary units to create 4 additional configurations to fit all of your travel needs.

Checked Rolling Suitcase

If 25 liters isn’t enough for your trip, expand the center rolling suitcase section using the sidewall zipper to add an additional 13 liters of space. The 38 liters of packable space allows plenty of room for 3 - 5 day trips.

Onli Travel Rolling Suitcase | Expansion Zipper

Once expanded though, this suitcase section is unlikely to be considered carry on compliant, so be prepared to check it at the airport.

Even expanded and fully packed, the rolling suitcase stands upright on its own.

Daypack Backpack

 Onli Travel Daypack Backpack

When you’re headed out to explore the city streets, the front airline personal item pack and the laptop backpack combine to create an ideal daypack backpack. 10 liters of space is perfect for all of the daily essentials, plus you get the comfortable straps of the laptop backpack combined with the organization and convenience of the airline pack. Head over to the coffee shop with your work essentials, pack up for a quick day trip on the train or just hit the streets to do some urban exploring with this compact backpack.

Weekender Backpack

Onli Travel Weekender Backpack

When you’re headed out for the weekend the daypack backpack expands in the center to provide an additional 13 liters of packable space for clothes and toiletries. The 23 total liters make this an ultimate weekender backpack with plenty of room for your laptop, electronics, and several packing cubes for clothes and toiletries. It also features parallel side water bottle holders. The padded straps and back panel make this a comfortable backpack or you can stow the straps and carry it duffel style.

Luggage Backpack

For the ultimate single bag travel solution, simply combine the laptop backpack, rolling suitcase and compact daypack pieces using the appropriate zippers. The laptop backpack with its padded back panel and shoulder straps zips onto the rear of the rolling suitcase, while the compact daypack and its external storage solutions zips onto the front.

Onli Travel Venture Backpack | Luggage Suitcase Backpack

With all 3 pieces combined, the Venture Rolling Pack starts as an all in one single unit rolling suitcase offering 35 liters of packable space. Even with all 3 pieces combined, the Venture Pack is sized to be carry-on compliant for most airlines.

When rolling the Venture Pack through the airport or city streets, the laptop backpack straps can be stowed away in the rear protective covering and zipped shut. Quickly change from a rolling suitcase to a travel backpack for a hands-free experience in the airport or protect your luggage from cobblestone streets. The padded straps, mesh back with center air channel, hip straps, and lumbar support make it easy to carry the pack even when fully packed.

If 35 liters of space doesn’t fit your needs, there are two options to expand your packable space. First, the airline personal item/compact daypack can be expanded to add an additional 13 liters of space. This can also be removed at the gate in order to keep the pack carry on compliant.

If 48 liters still isn’t enough, expand the center rolling suitcase portion for an additional 10 liters of packable space, bringing the total to 58 liters.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Fully Expanded

Other Convenient Combinations

The Onli Travel Venture Pack's modular design allows for many combinations that make traveling incredibly convenient. For any application, any day out, or any particular flight, you can configure the bag for ideal comfort and convenience. Headed to a work conference? You might not need the airline personal item. Simply leave it at home and zip your laptop backpack to the rolling suitcase for a streamlined pack. Headed to Mexico for a long weekend? Leave your laptop (and laptop backpack) at home, and simply pack the rolling suitcase with your clothes and toiletries, and the personal item/compact daypack with your electronics and tablet.

Testing & Ownership

Whether traveling for a week long vacation, hitting the road for a road trip, or attending a quick business conference, the Venture Pack was able to operate as our one bag travel solution.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Ownership & Testing

We’ve been testing this convertible backpack/rolling luggage for a few months now and are blown away by the versatility of this bag. Admittedly, when we first opened up the Venture Pack we were a bit overwhelmed by all of the zippers, pockets, and potential combinations. In just a few days though, we’d found ourselves adjusting and reconfiguring the Venture Pack to get exactly what we needed with confidence. Being able to zip through the airport, or check into the hotel with a single rolling bag made travel extremely easy, and we didn’t have to sacrifice having an airline personal item or an everyday daypack to utilize once we arrived at our destination.

This reconfiguring is also made incredibly easy. A few simple zipper systems make the transitions quick and seamless, perfect for separating your pack at the airport gate or grabbing only what you need for your business meeting.

Speaking of business meetings, the aesthetic of the bag is very clean, modern, and professional. Making it look great whether you’re in the airport, at a meeting, or roaming the city streets.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Suitcase Backpack Aesthetic

Both the laptop backpack and airline personal item/compact daypack have plenty of quick access pockets that make utilizing them as your everyday packs while traveling easy. The organization available in the compact daypack in particular is incredibly appealing for business travelers and digital nomads looking to work from the air, road, or coffee shops.

Onli Travel Venture Pack | Convenient Pockets

All together, the Venture Pack can be quite large and the profile of the bag is not extremely long but expands out away from the carrier. On a larger person, the Venture Pack can easily be worn as a backpack, but smaller individuals may find it difficult to carry in backpack form for an extended time. The harness system can be beefed up by clipping on the included hip straps. In combination with the padded and breathable back panel and shoulder straps and the adjustable sternum strap, the Venture Pack does its best to make carrying the full pack in backpack style comfortable.

Even so, the Venture Pack shouldn’t be worn as a backpack when fully combined and fully packed very often. When fully combined, the Venture Pack is most effective as a rolling suitcase, and the modular design allows you to mix and match the necessary items for the most convenient carry and packing solution. Carrying the full combined backpack a half mile over cobblestone streets from the train station should be no problem, but don’t expect to backpack the Camino de Santiago with the fully packed Venture Pack on your back.

Although most of the rigid structure for the pack is provided by the center rolling suitcase section, neither of the daypack backpack sections are slouches. Both are solid daypacks in their own right and hold up to everyday carry and use. When combined the weekend backpack form is particularly useful for meetings, coffee shop days or quick weekend getaways.

After months of testing, the Venture Pack has held up extremely well and shows no signs of wear and tear. The exterior material is fairly rugged despite its refined look, and tightly woven making it very non abrasive. This prevents catches and picks in the material over time. The material is also somewhat nonporous, making it weather resistant (not waterproof) and easy to wipe clean if any messes occur. Onli Travel backs up this quality feeling with a lifetime manufacturer warranty for any manufacturing or material defects, giving us a lot of confidence about the durability of this pack.

Final Verdict

The Onli Travel Venture Pack is a true single bag travel solution. With a unique and versatile modular design, the Venture Pack can adjust to fit your needs on just about any trip. Serving the purpose of rolling suitcase, laptop backpack and everyday daypack, the Venture Pack provides a ton of value for the price, and the materials and lifetime warranty from Onli Travel make us confident this bag will survive through years and years of adventures. Get a Venture Pack and forget about needing any other travel bags.

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