The Travel Experts Holiday Gift Guide 2021

To help you find the perfect gift for the traveler in your life this holiday season, we’ve asked members of our team and contributor network for their recommendations on the best travel gifts to give and receive this year - here's what they suggest!

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Jillian Giometti
Social Media Manager, Flashpacker Co

Holiday Gift Guide 2020 | Flashpacker Co

Codi Travel Electronics Organizer

The best gift you can give to friends and family who decide to take their offices on the road is an electronics organizer like the Codi Travel Electronics Organizer. Severely underrated and underused, electronics organizers offer peace of mind knowing everything you need is organized perfectly & safely, ready for use when you are. Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you left your laptop charger in the hotel, or your Airpods in the back of an airplane seat? When these items have a ‘home’ to go to, versus haphazardly thrown in a bag, the likelihood of them going missing, or not getting packed at all, is greatly reduced. I’d highly recommend the gift of peace of mind this year by gifting an electronics organizer.

Pat McChristian
Lifelong Traveler | Flashpacker Contributor

Travel Plug Adapters

Travel Plug Adapter

On a recent trip in Spain, as I packed up to check out of a hotel, I pulled my phone charger from the wall outlet leaving behind my travel plug adapter. Rookie mistake, but in my defense, my husband was rushing me. Fortunately, we always bring two adapters – helpful if you lose one, and if you travel with several devices that need charging. We like to keep one plug adapter with us during the day to use in airports and other public spaces, and often use both adapters in the evening when we each want our devices to charge up for the next day’s adventure. The international travelers on your list will love a gift of travel plug adapters; they will especially appreciate receiving two!

Erin Gary
Digital Nomad | Flashpacker Contributor

Urban Union Passport Wallet | Holiday Gift Guide 2021

KeySmart Urban Union Passport Wallet

I never used to like carrying my passport on me when I was out exploring on trips. But due to COVID, many countries are requiring everyone to show their IDs and vaccination cards to enter restaurants and tourist attractions. I bought the Urban Union RFID Blocking Passport Wallet to use on a recent trip to Ireland and with it I felt very comfortable having both my passport and vaccination card on me while out and about. The wallet easily held my passport, my husband’s passport, both our vaccination cards, and all our credit cards and money. Despite holding all these things, it never bulged but kept a nice, low profile. It made everything easy to find and access, but was also secure enough that I never worried about anything falling out. I can’t recommend this wallet enough - I will be using it on every international trip I take now!

Allyson Twilley
Creator of the Traveling Twilley Travel Blog | Contributor

Flashpacker Holiday Gift Guide | Pacsafe Anti Theft Backpack

Anti-Theft Daypacks

There are many items on my travel bucket list—but being pickpocketed or having my bag snatched while traveling is not one of them! Luckily, that’s where anti-theft bags come in. With security features like cut-resistant straps, lockable zippers, and RFID-blocking pockets, anti-theft bags keep your wallet, passport, photography gear, and other valuables safe from miscreants and thieves intent on divesting you of them. Anti-theft bags come in a variety of styles—including backpacks (like my sleek Pacsafe Vibe Anti-Theft Daypack), crossbody bags, sling packs, and, yes, even fanny packs—so there’s a perfect anti-theft bag for each traveler! By keeping your belongings safe and secure, anti-theft bags allow you to focus on the fun stuff—sightseeing and tackling your bucket list!

Stephen Gary
Director of Marketing, Flashpacker Co

Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case | Travel Accessories

Waterproof Case for Phone & Electronics

I vowed back in July that I would always travel with my waterproof case. You never know when you’re going to need waterproof protection for your electronics. Rain, snow, lakes, creeks, pools, and more are all a threat to your electronics. But now that I always travel with my Aquapac Waterproof Phone Case, I don’t have to worry. It’s small, light, and packs down to take up very little space in my backpack. It is the perfect tool for the job if there’s rain in the forecast, or we’re headed to the water for fun in the sun. It’s the perfect insurance policy that has almost no cost. That’s why a waterproof case is a perfect gift for the traveler in your life.

Jason Kraemer
Lead Buyer, Flashpacker Co

Flashpacker Holiday Gift Guide | Fat Felt Dopp Kit

Fat Felt Waxed Canvas Dopp Kit

We all know someone who’s still using the same battered toiletry bag from ten years ago. A toiletry bag is an absolutely essential piece of travel gear that often gets overlooked; the Fat Felt dopp kit will stand out as the best looking piece of travel gear your gift receiver will have. Plus, it's extremely durable and built to last through decades of adventure. Everyone needs a toiletry kit for their travels and there’s no better option than a Fat Felt.

Chris Denu
The Bold Nomad & Vertical Realm Photography

Portable Power Bank | Travel Electronics

Portable Power Bank

As someone who is nearly always on the move: whether it be in my campervan, backpacking, or catching a flight to some worldwide location, I can tell you that my power banks are a must have. On trail, I carry a smaller one for recharging my phone, gps, and headlamp. In the Van, I use a larger one to charge my tablet and phone. I also carry one with me on flights, because you just never know when you may be working on something critical and notice the low battery notification. What’s nice about the larger power banks is the multiple ports. Being efficient while traveling is key to an enjoyable experience, so when a little downtime exists, charging everything at once helps make the most of your time.

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