Top 10 Reasons to Travel With Squeeze It Travel Size Bottles

Go Travel Squeeze It travel size bottles are a must have travel accessory for virtually any trip. These refillable containers let you travel with your favorite shower liquids such as body wash, shampoo, conditioner, gels, or moisturizer. Available in a convenient pack of 3, these travel squeeze bottles are a perfect addition to your toiletry kit. Here are the top 10 reasons to travel with Squeeze It travel bottles!

1 - Travel With Your Favorite Shower Liquids

Never get stuck using cheap hotel soap or shampoo again! Use these refillable containers to travel with your favorite shower liquids and gels from home.

Squeeze It Travel Size Bottles -

2 - Travel Sustainably

Refillable travel containers are a top sustainable travel accessory for two reasons. By reusing and refilling your Squeeze It bottles you’ll eliminate the need to buy disposable travel sized containers of soaps, gels, or shampoos. Second, hotel soaps and gels hardly ever get used entirely. After you check out that partially used bar of soap or bottle of shampoo gets tossed. Now consider how many times you’ve been in and out of a hotel, each time contributing to this waste. Cut back on using hotel products that end up in landfills.

3 - Save Money

Those little travel sized containers of your favorite cleanser and shampoo cost way more per ounce than the shower sized bottles you have at home. Save the cost by refilling and put the money towards something else on your trip.

4 - Leak Proof

We all see how luggage gets handled in transit and nothing puts a damper on the start to a trip like unpacking a spill. Squeeze It travel bottles are 100% leak proof so you never have to worry about arriving to a mess, no matter how rough the journey is for your bag.

Squeeze It Travel Size Bottles

5 - Durable Silicone Material

The silicone material is equal parts durable and flexible so these bottles will hold up for years of trips and get through the toughest adventures.

6 - TSA Approved

Love living that carry-on lifestyle? At 60 ml Squeeze It travel bottles are TSA carry-on approved so you can take them anywhere.

7 - Suction Cup

No shower ledge? No problem! Every bottle has a small suction cup on the back so you can attach it to the shower wall. This works great for single hand dispensing with a simple squeeze.

8 - Dishwasher Safe

Squeeze It bottles are extremely easy to clean. The cap unscrews and you can pop it off to thoroughly rinse the inside. Or toss it in the dishwasher, the silicone material is dishwasher safe.

9 - Color Coded

Keep track of the contents with the colored ring on each bottle. The 3 pack includes a blue, green, and orange cap.

10 - Non Drip Cap

When you’re on a long trip you don’t want to waste any of your favorite liquids and the non drip cap has you covered.

Squeeze It Travel Size Bottles

Go Travel Squeeze It Travel Size Bottles

Even the simplest travel accessory will make your voyages smoother. Pick up a 3 pack of Squeeze It travel bottles today!

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