Getting Started in Travel Photography - Part 1

Better Travel Photography - Fuji XT30 | Flashpacker Chronicles

This week I received my brand-new Fuji XT-30 Mirrorless Camera. I was super excited. And also SUPER nervous.

This is the first installment in a series on taking better travel photographs from our travel tips blog

My entire life I’ve operated a point and shoot camera. No real settings to maneuver, no understanding at all how the click of this button resulted in an image on my screen or my computer. No study in composition, no training in post-production editing. And all my life I’ve complained that my pictures just couldn’t match what I saw with my own two eyes.

Part of our mission at Flashpacker Co is to inspire a new generation of travelers. Those who will go out and tackle the world in all its beauty, armed with the tips, advice and gear that we provide. And frankly, people aren’t inspired by bland photography.

Well, this week I decided it was time. I’ve complained about my pictures long enough. Flashpacker and its audience deserve better. So now the process begins and I want to bring all of you along on the journey who want to learn how to take better pictures of your travels.

As part of this journey, I’ll be posting on our Instagram some practice shots, fails, and my best pictures along the way. I’ll also be sharing here in the Chronicles some of the resources I’m using to grow my knowledge-base and, when I’m confident in my understanding of some element, I’ll share that as well.

Hopefully, through this process, I’ll be able to generate a more accurate depiction of the amazing scenery we visit around the world throughout our adventures and inspire you to get out and do the same. If you’re an aspiring travel photographer let us know in the comments what you’re doing to learn and grow as a photographer. If you’re an experienced traveler and photographer and want to share your journey by becoming part of the #FlashpackerNetwork please contact us on Instagram or through our contact page.

UPDATE: The series continues!
To see our next progression in travel photography, check out Part 2 of Getting Started in Travel Photography. 

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