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While the travel backpack is best at the airport or train station, seasoned travelers will reach for a smaller and lighter daypack for their daily adventures. The traveler’s best friend - the right daypack is versatile, organized and durable. As the go-to for day to day activities, the perfect daypack will let you enjoy cruising the city, taking a trip to the beach, or a short hiking trek with easy access to the right items, secure protection and comfort.

Why Use a Daypack?

When you’re out exploring a new location there’s no better option than a great travel daypack. Compact and portable, with space for all of your daily gear, a daypack is ideal as a personal carry-on and daily driver when you’re at your destination. There’s a perfect daypack for all trips and activities from walking tours in Rome, to hiking the Rockies, and just about everything in between.

Top reasons to use a daypack:

  • Lightweight portability: Daypacks are compact and designed so that you can comfortably wear them all day.
  • Save money: Stash some snacks and water in your daypack to avoid having to buy them when you’re out.
  • Security: Keep your essentials like phone, wallet, and keys secure in a daypack.
  • Organization: Pockets and compartments keep your gear organized, and out of your hands or pockets.

How to Choose the Best Daypack for You

Use our filters to narrow down the best daypack for your travel style and destination(s).

Recommended Use

There’s two primary sizes of daypacks that will dictate how much gear you can carry.

Essentials: Typically ranging from 1-6 liters, these offer enough room for your most important items including phone, keys, wallet, and sunglasses.

1 Day: Between 6 and 30 liters these daypacks will offer room for the essentials plus space for extra gear. If you need space for items like a water bottle, snacks, and laptop, a small 6-15 liter bag should have you covered. In the 15 to 20 liter range, most daypacks will fit all of the above plus a towel or change of clothes. Above 20 liters, the packs have enough storage for almost all daily activities and can also double as an overnight bag.


There’s plenty of great features built into daypacks, filter based on what’s most important to you, and don’t hesitate to look for an option that has all of the features you want.

Packable: Packable daypacks collapse down to a self contained case so they’re easily transported to your destination. These carrying cases are generally about the size of a fist and can be stashed in a larger travel backpack or suitcase.

Waterproof: A waterproof daypack is perfect for the beach or boat when you know there’s a risk of sand or water getting on your stuff, but equally valuable on hikes or walking tours when there’s a chance of unexpected downpours.

Convertible: Daypacks come in a range of carrying styles including backpack, tote, crossbody, briefcase, and waistpack. Convertible bags can easily transition between carrying styles offering added flexibility and versatility.

Laptop: When you need to stay connected, a daypack with a built in laptop sleeve can keep your laptop safe and secure.

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