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Focus on the adventure with trusted, well built, and thoughtfully designed travel  electronics. The best travel gadgets like power banks, fingerprint locks, and travel voltage converters are durable and portable to keep you connected while you’re on the go. High quality and practical travel electronics can make the difference between seeing and experiencing a destination.

How Travel Electronics Can Improve Your Trip

Staying connected is more important than ever, but it’s not always so easy when you’re on the road or traveling in another country. Whether you’re a digital nomad looking to extend your device’s battery, a photography fanatic charging your camera in a funky outlet, or just a weary traveler who wants to plug into a movie on the plane, our Travel Electronics collection has you covered.

Power Banks

Why you should travel with a power bank:
Long days of travel or out exploring can quickly drain your devices’ batteries while navigating, taking pictures, researching, or streaming. There’s nothing worse than getting greeted by a low battery alert at the start of a long train ride or mid-way through a walk back to your accommodations in a new city. Charging your device from a power bank will keep you mobile because you aren’t tied to an outlet.

Also great for digital nomads, a laptop power bank can keep you going when you’re working away from an outlet like in a coffee shop or a city square.

Power banks come in a range of power capacities:

  • Under 10,000 mAh = 1-2 charges of a smartphone
  • 10,000 mAh = Average of 3 charges of a smartphone
  • 20,000 mAh = Average of 6 charges of a smartphone
  • Over 20,000 mAh = Multiple charges of a laptop

Travel Plug Adapters & Voltage Converters

Plug configurations vary around the world, by country and region, so your standard North American plug won’t fit in many outlets elsewhere. Travel plug adapters don't convert electricity but simply let you plug into a different style outlet. Adapters can be used either with a converter or with a dual voltage device. These are generally essential when you’re traveling internationally to a region with different outlets, unless all your devices can be charged by USB port or you’re in an upscale hotel that offers North American plugs.

Similar to plug variations, electricity voltage varies in other countries and regions. In the US appliances run at 110 volts (V), whereas Europe is 220 V. The voltage is essentially the pressure of electricity being pushed through the outlet. So if your device is rated for 110 V, but has 220 V being pushed into it, you risk damaging the device or its battery.

Many modern electronics have built in voltage conversion. For example, look at the power supply for your laptop to see if it is rated for dual voltages (it would show 110 - 220 V). Some older devices or appliances have a switch for 110 V or 220 V that you can change. If you’re not sure, always consult with the manufacturer of your device so you don’t risk damaging it. You can add an adapter onto a converter when both the voltage and outlet configuration is different. 2 in 1 adapter/ converters are a great option to combine both of these features into one device.

Electronics Organizer

With all the devices we travel with, one of the best ways to keep organized is with an electronics organizer . Available in a range of sizes depending on how many devices, cables, and chargers you have, these compact cases will organize and protect your gear. We love stashing all of our cables and chargers inside along with a power bank, outlet adapter, and earbuds. Extra useful when working and traveling which often results in even more electronics and related accessories.

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