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Travel Accessories

Elevate your trip with practical, unique, and fun travel accessories. Well designed travel accessories like collapsible water bottles and compact travel wallets save space & weight and keep you organized so you can focus on getting the most out of your trip. The best travel accessories will help you save space, save time, or have more fun.

How Travel Accessories Can Improve Your Trip

A great travel bag is just the beginning. All the little things can add up to a smooth travel experience or a cluttered & frustrating trip. Having the right travel accessories to overcome all of the small obstacles can make the difference. Packing cubes, toiletry bags, electronics organizers, and dry bags help you save space and pack more efficiently. Waterproof accessories like phone cases and dry bags help protect your gear. Luggage locks safeguard your valuables. And a traveler’s best friend, a durable travel water bottle, will be at your side throughout all of your adventures.

The Best Travel Accessories

Which accessories are best for your next trip depends heavily on what type of traveler you are and your destination. There are a handful of accessories that will prove handy on most trips though, so consider the following items before hitting the road.

Packing Accessories

Packing Accessories keep your bag organized and protected. Dry bags protect the gear inside your bag from getting soaked in a surprise downpour or from sand at the beach. Toiletry bags keep your liquid and bathroom necessities organized and separated from the rest of your bag in case of leaks. Packing cubes keep you organized for your trip allowing you to split up clean and dirty clothes or compressing everything down to pack your bag more efficiently.

Water Bottle

Single use plastic bottles are one the largest contributors to waste created by travelers. Plus, buying a bottle wherever you go is an unnecessary expense, especially when plastic bottles can be detrimental to your health. Ditch the plastic and grab a sturdy reusable travel water bottle.

Travel Utensils

Eating on the train, picnics at the peak or take out in the hotel can all be a serious challenge without utensils. Again, single use plastic utensils create a ton of waste, not to mention they’re incredibly annoying to use. Forego the plastic and grab a pair of sturdy, reusable travel utensils.

Flashpacker Hat

If you just want to look great wherever you go, don’t miss the opportunity to rock your Flashpacker Co hat. Our hats are sturdy, breathable and look great!

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