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Our Story

There is something indescribably beautiful about a traveler's soul

There is something indescribably beautiful about a traveler’s soul – the need to wander, the desire for adventure, and the urge to experience more. And there is something infinitely more beautiful in the transformative power of travel itself; it broadens everything you’ve ever seen, heard and tasted. It influences your own beliefs, challenging your current understanding of the world.

For years, backpacking has been the model for experiencing transformative travel. These travellers have enjoyed authentic one-dollar street cuisines, found the peaceful isolation of remote valleys, and made connections with fellow trekkers over dinner. In their pursuit of the genuine travel experience, they’ve often opted for the 10-hour crowded bus ride to avoid the airfare, chosen to slog through the downpour to escape the pricey taxi, and picked the noisy hostel dorm room to save on accommodation. Backpackers take pride in the sacrifices they make to travel as often and for as long as possible, however this is not ideal for everyone, and is not enjoyable for most.

A lot of travelers can not, or do not want to make these sacrifices; that’s where we fit in. Built on the original foundation of a backpacker is the Flashpacker. We want the same authentic travel experience and want to be transformed. Flashpackers also seek off-the-beaten-path adventures, and live that carry-on lifestyle. But opt to sacrifice less so that they can love every second of their travels. They are a unique group of adventurers, chasing the experience of a backpacker with the mentality of a vacationer.

At Flashpacker Co, our mission is to help the growing number of global flashpackers get the most out of their adventures. We do this by leveraging our experience and resources to create high quality advice and curate a collection of high value travel products so that flashpackers around the world can create a new type of travel - experiencing more by sacrificing less.

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