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Satisfaction Guarantee

We want to make sure you’re happy with your product, your purchase, and everything in between. That’s why we offer a 3 way guarantee to cover you from all angles including our Product Guarantee, Return Guarantee and Service Guarantee. We hope you’ll love every product you buy from Flashpacker Co, but understand sometimes that might not be the case. When that happens, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Our Promise | Satisfaction Guarantee at Flashpacker Co

Product Guarantee

We know how important it is for gear to hold up when traveling and how frustrating it can be when gear fails. All of our brands and products are selected because they are thoughtfully designed and built with high quality materials to make your travels easier and more fun. We test all the brands we sell so that we can vouch for and stand behind the products.

All of our products include a manufacturer's warranty guaranteeing the product will be free of manufacturing defects. Specific warranty periods are outlined on each product page under the About tab.

If you have a warranty concern with a product bought from Flashpacker Co, we’ve got your back. Contact Us to initiate a warranty claim and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll replace the product so that you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

Returns Guarantee

If you receive a product bought from Flashpacker Co and it's not quite what you expected, you can send it back for a full refund for any reason. We’ll even cover the return shipping cost.

Our return policy is simple and straightforward - if you’re unhappy with a product purchased from our store for any reason, return it within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. We provide prepaid shipping labels so there is no cost to make a return. Our Shipping & Returns page has all the details plus a link to initiate a return.

Service Guarantee

We guarantee products ordered will ship in a timely manner. We aim for shipment within 2 days of ordering but depending on availability it might take an extra couple days. As soon as it's available you’ll receive tracking information so you know when to expect your delivery. And on the off chance your order gets lost or stolen in the mail we’ll get a new one sent out as quickly as possible - no need to go through a lengthy claims process with the shipper. For more details on our shipping policy check out our Shipping & Returns page.

We want you to love the products you buy from Flashpacker Co. We know firsthand how important having the right gear is for a fun and smooth trip so let us know if you have any problems or concerns with an order or product and we’ll make it right.

Shipping & Returns FAQ

How quickly will my order get shipped?
We aim to ship orders in two days but sometimes it takes a couple days longer depending on product availability. You will receive tracking info as soon as it's available.

I received one of the products I ordered but not the other?
If you bought multiple items they may ship separately. You will receive a tracking number for each shipment and they might not be sent out at the exact same time.

What if my package is late or never arrives?

Happy Customers | Satisfaction Guarantee

We use tracking codes to follow all of our shipments. If you’re concerned your order is late or missing contact us and we’ll help look into it. If your shipment is lost in the mail or stolen we’ll send a replacement free of charge.

What do I do if I’m not happy with a product I receive?
If you don’t love the product you ordered from Flashpacker Co send it back! You can return any product for any reason.

How long do I have to make a return?
You can initiate a return within 30 days of purchase.

How do I return a product?
Use the Return Request Portal to enter your order details and get your prepaid shipping label. Print the label, attach to the box, and drop off at your nearest UPS drop point.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?
No, we will cover the return shipping cost.

How quickly will my return be processed?
You can initiate a return at any point within 30 days of purchase and produce the return shipping label immediately. Once we receive the product your full refund will be issued. Depending on your payment method you should receive it within a couple days.

Can I mail back a return using my own label?
Yes, but we will only cover the cost if you use a label from our Return Request Portal. Plus, we’ll cover any loss or damage when the product is being shipped back if you use our shipping label.

What is your return shipping address?
305 Galphin Dr, Greenville SC 29609

Can I return anything?
Yes! Anything purchased from Flashpacker Co can be returned.

How quickly will I get my refund?
We’ll issue your refund as soon as we receive the product. Depending on your payment method you should receive it within a couple days.

Will I be refunded for the shipping fee?
Yes, we will refund the shipping fee as well.

Where can I see your full shipping and returns policy?
On our Shipping & Returns page.

Products & Service FAQ

Our Promise | Product Testing

How long can I expect my product to last?
We want your product to get as much use as possible. Every brand and product is different so check out the About tab on a product page to see what warranty period is offered.

What if my product has a warranty issue but the manufacturer isn’t willing to replace it?
If you have a problem with a product bought from Flashpacker Co, Contact Us and we’ll take care of it.

This all sounds great but what's the catch?
There isn’t one! We want you to love the products you buy from us and get the most out of them on your trips.

Do you really test all your brands you sell?
We sure do and we often write about them in our Gear Guides!

How do I know you’re really the travel experts you say you are?
Our team is made up of avid travelers, digital nomads, and gear lovers. We regularly write about our adventures in the Our Travels section of our blog.

Hear from Our Customers

Bri Jones

Hear from Our Happy Customers!

“These guys really know their stuff! The quality of the products on offer is amazing and so well thought out, and the customer service is just as good. As a seasoned traveler I was so happy to find a website that offered everything I needed, all in the one place, for a really great price. Their articles are so insightful and are an awesome source of information and inspiration. Couldn't recommend them more.”

Mike Maguire

“I love this company. The products are spot on and my purchase was easy, on time and it arrived in perfect shape. Go beyond the products and check out the content on the website. Using their travel info to plan my post-covid trips. Can't wait!”

Linda Moreland - Local Google Guide

“10% off first order, free shipping orders over $15. Has Luggage locks $9.95 Chrome travel briefcases $160. Foldable sun glasses, Backpacks, Duffle bags, waterproof gear, 💼 visit website and place an order”

Molly Wittig

“I love Flashpacker! Great products and service- I wear my Flashpacker hat multiple times a week and always get compliments.”

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