5 Best Travel Gear Innovations for 2021

While 2020 wasn’t the jetsetting travel year we expected, there was no shortage of innovation in the travel gear industry. New products keep hitting the market every year and we’re excited to bring you the most innovative and practical new travel gear features for 2021. To kick off a new year of travel we’ve focused this list on the innovative gear that will make traveling easier and more fun. Here are our top 5 best travel gear innovations for 2021.

The 5 Best Travel Gear Innovations of 2020

#5 Full Featured Packable Daypack Backpacks

We love the convenience of any packable bag but Chrome Industries has taken packable daypacks to the next level with the Rolltop Packable Daypack. This packable daypack really shines because you don’t lose any of the features expected out of a classic daypack backpack. The material is durable nylon ripstop and it's a wonder of modern textile engineering that something so strong can pack up so small. Parallel water bottle holders, internal zip pocket, adjustable shoulder straps, and a grab handle give you everything you need for a day on the road.

This bag packs up so small you can toss it in your luggage without any concern about taking up space or weight, then unpack it at your destination to get exploring. We’ve even gone so far as to use this as a secondary daypack on some trips! A laptop backpack is a go-to on the plane but not ideal when at the beach or biking through a city, so don’t hesitate to include this full featured packable daypack backpack for use at your destination.

#4 Truly Portable Laptop Stands

With coronavirus pushing so many people to begin working remotely, many have started taking their jobs on the road to new cities; traveling and working from different locations. But most Airbnbs and hotel rooms lack ergonomic office setups and it's more than a pain to bring your equipment from home.

Most laptop stands feature some sort of fold down or adjustable design, but have a solid base for your laptop. This is a great sturdy foundation for a home office setup, but when it’s time to pack that laptop stand into a luggage backpack or suitcase, that solid base takes up far too much room.

Thanks to its open base, the Codi Folding Laptop Stand cleverly folds into a tiny cylindrical shape when packed away and quickly opens into position when you’re ready to use it. A portable laptop stand is the easiest method to reduce neck and back strain when working remotely by elevating your laptop to eye level. This is the perfect accessory for remote workers and burgeoning digital nomads.

#3 Smart and Simple Anti Theft Protection

Anti-theft travel gear has gotten progressively more sophisticated over recent years. It’s now common to see locking zippers, anti-slash materials, cable wire locks and other theft deterrents built into travel gear. These anti-theft features serve an important function but are often emphasized over style and ease of use.

In their new anti-theft line, Sherpani has found a way to weave many of these anti-theft protections into simplistic and cleverly designed packs. Case in point, the Sherpani Soleil Tote Backpack is a beautifully designed urban daypack that is loaded with built-in anti-theft features, all cleverly made to blend in with the design of the bag. Anti slash straps & base, RFID blocking pocket, security zippers, and a loop wire lock are subtly packed into this anti theft daypack. Explore a city confidently knowing your valuables are secure in an anti theft bag that doesn't compromise on style.

#2 Pocketable & Packable Folding Sunglasses

One of travels most common frustrations, where to store your sunglasses when you’re not in the sun, is beautifully solved with the Hilx Folding Sunglasses. The sun is bright on the way to dinner but once it sets you're stuck with sunglasses either on your head, hanging from your collar, or tucked into a bag at risk of being crushed. Same goes on the plane, there’s really no great place to store them except for a hard shell case - which takes up way too much space that’s better suited to snacks and entertainment.

These folding sunglasses collapse down so you can easily slip them in your pocket or bag and they’re durably built to withstand bumps along the way. The spring loaded hinges pop them open when you need to use them. With classic styling and unique lens colors, these are the only sunglasses you’ll need to take on your next adventure.

#1 Vertical Organization Compartments in a Travel Backpack

We love travel backpacks for getting our gear to our destination but one of the primary downfalls of a backpack is that things at the bottom of the pack are difficult to access when on the go. Clamshell openings can help to alleviate this issue, but they’re designed for easy packing & unpacking, not quickly grabbing a specific item.

Peak Design’s vertical organization dividers offer an ingenious solution to this common backpack challenge of how to use the vertical space more efficiently in a travel backpack. The Peak Design exclusive FlexFold divider system in the Everyday Backpack solves this inaccessibility problem perfectly. These adjustable dividers create vertical compartments within the main compartment so that your gear is divided in sections through to the top rather than everything piling in the bottom. But the division is only half the equation. Parallel side access zippers let you grab items from the side rather than always going top down so you can quickly access any item without digging through the rest of the pack. This provides the ultimate level of organization and efficient packing, making this our top travel product innovation for 2021.

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