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Travel Backpacks

Blast through airports, cobblestone streets and sandy beaches with the perfect travel backpack. Rolling luggage or crossbody bags have their own advantages. But for those looking for that freeing feeling of having everything on your back, with your hands free, a backpack provides the agility and flexibility needed. This collection of curated, thoughtfully designed travel backpacks will help you find the perfect mix of size, organization and comfort.

Why Use a Travel Backpack?

Rolling luggage, suitcases, and cross body bags all have their place but nothing tops the flexibility and portability of a great travel backpack. A point to point trip might be suited just fine with one of these other options but if you plan on moving around between even 2 destinations, or want the most portability from your primary bag, reach for a travel backpack.

Top reasons to use a travel backpack:

  • Go hands free: Use your phone, snap a picture, pay for lunch, or take out cash at an ATM.
  • Stay secure: With everything strapped to your back you can do whatever you need like buy a train ticket or eat a snack without setting down your bag.
  • Travel light: When you have to carry everything on your back it forces you to seriously consider each item you pack. A compact backpack is the best solution to prevent overpacking.
  • Increased portability: Don’t get slowed down with stairs, hills, or missing sidewalks. Not only are you more mobile, but a travel backpack is flexible and less rigid so it's easier to maneuver or jam in an overhead bin.

How to Choose the Best Backpack for You

Use our filters to narrow down the best travel backpack for your travel style and destination(s).

Recommended Use

Largely driven by capacity, the recommended use will guide you on what trip duration a travel backpack is best suited for.

1 Day: Also known as a daypack backpack, a small travel backpack has room for the gear you’d carry around for a day of exploring. From trails to city tours, keep your essentials including wallet, keys, phone, and sunglasses close, combined with room for a water bottle, snacks, and other daily accessories.

Weekend: The perfect size for a few nights away from home; easily fit a toiletry bag, a few changes of clothes, laptop, and extra shoes.

3-5 Days: Pushing into the 30 to 50 liter range, this size pack offers plenty of space for extra clothes and gear. This is the sweet spot where you’re traveling light but don't have to cut too many corners on what you bring.

5+ Days: If you're going to be out on the road for multiple weeks, or if you have plenty of work (or fun) gear to bring with you, these packs will have you covered for the long haul.


There’s no shortage of incredible features built into travel backpacks. Filter based on what’s most important to you, and don’t hesitate to look for an option that has all of the features you want.

Anti-Theft: Popular anti theft features like anti slash material, RFID blocking, and security and/ or locking zippers will keep your valuables safe.

Convertible: Some of the best travel backpacks easily convert to other carrying options giving you added flexibility. Convert to a tote bag for a grocery run or sling bag when you want quick access to the contents without removing the pack.

Expandable: Increase the capacity for longer trips with expandable storage travel backpacks. Many also include external anchor points, netting, or elasticized slings for things like a jacket or pair or shoes.

Laptop: Even some of the most “rugged” travel backpacks now include a laptop sleeve so that you can stay connected no matter where you go. Keep your computer safe and secure from bumps.

Waterproof: Wet weather doesn't have to slow you down, a waterproof backpack is great for the beach, boat, or unexpected downpours.

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