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Packing Accessories

Organize all the gear and clothing in your luggage or travel bag with packing accessories. Packing cubes reduce space, keep your organized, and separate dirty clothes. Travel kits & toiletry bags come in multiple sizes and materials based on where you're going and what you're carrying. Staying organized on your trip will keep things running smoothly.

How Packing Accessories Can Improve Your Trip

Packing accessories keep you organized when traveling and make it easier to pack, unpack, and find your gear when you’re at your destination. Organization in your primary bag is the first benefit of packing accessories but they can also help protect contents, separate dirty items, and compress air space to fit more gear in your bag.

Types of Packing Accessories

Toiletry Bags

Also known as travel kits or dopp kits, toiletry bags hold all your toiletry items. The two most significant benefits of toiletry bags is the added organization and protection from leaks or spills. Keep you toiletry items in one place so you aren’t digging through your bag looking for something. And if a bottle does pop open or leak in transit, a travel kit will keep your other gear and clothing protected.

Features to look out for:

  • Size: Ranging from 1 liter on the small end for just the basics to 4 liters on the high end with room for all your toiletries and travel essentials.
  • Material: Durable, water resistant nylon is the go to material for toiletry bags. It's long lasting and adds water resistance for spills. If you’re extra concerned about leaks (or had a bad experience in the past) look for a waterproof PU coating to ensure the spills are contained. Your travel kit doesn't have to be an item where you give up looks for function, leather travel kits look great and add some style in your suitcase.
  • Hanging: Folds up during transit and then hangs from a hook or towel bar for convenient and easy organization. No more cluttered vanities or digging around for specific items.

Packing Cubes

A travel essential for trips of any length, more and more travelers are enjoying the benefits of packing cubes. Packing cubes come in a range of shapes and sizes; they’re lightweight, soft sided, zippered holders for your clothing and gear. They can be used individually or as part of a set to pack the contents of your bag. Packing cubes will keep you organized by grouping like clothing together and separating dirty clothes.

Compression packing cubes take the advantages a step further by compressing bulkier items, removing the air space and allowing you to fit more gear in your pack. Once you start using packing cubes it's hard to look back!

Dry Bags

For wet climates, water based activities, and unexpected rain showers, dry bags will keep your gear or clothing protected from the water. Smaller capacity dry bags are easy to pack as a just in case or to stash specific items in when there’s a risk of getting wet.

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