5 Reasons The Cardiel Packable Daypack is Better Than The Original Packable Daypack

The best selling and top rated Chrome Industries Roll Top Packable Daypack has been discontinued but fortunately there’s an upgraded alternative available - introducing the Chrome Industries Cardiel Packable Daypack.

The Cardiel Packable Daypack includes many of our favorite features from the original with a bunch of great upgrades. The detailed product review is coming soon, but in the meantime, here are 5 reasons the Cardiel Packable Daypack is better than the original.

5 Reasons The Cardiel Packable Daypack is Better Than The Original Packable Daypack

1 - Slightly Larger Capacity

An extra 3 liters of volume brings the Cardiel up to 25 liters total, an impressive amount of space for a daypack that makes it appropriate for virtually any activity. The bucket compartment has one soft divider, but other than that you’re free to pack it however you like.

The extra space has been great for beach days and picnics when we need to jam a couple towels or a blanket inside. With most daypacks this would be a stretch but the wide open main compartment of the Cardiel handles it easily. The smaller sleeve can be used for a laptop if you bring one but we’ve tended to put a towel, a blanket, or change of clothes in the rear compartment leaving the main area free for all of our other items.

If you don’t need to use all the space just roll the top a few more times and tighten the side straps to keep the bag tight and compact. Thanks to the extra space there’s really no situation where you couldn't fit everything you need in here. In many cases it's been our one and only daypack shared by two people.

5 Reasons The Cardiel Packable Daypack is Better Than The Original Packable Daypack

2 - Structured Base

5 Reasons The Cardiel Packable Daypack is Better Than The Original Packable Daypack

The bottom of the Cardiel has a semi-rigid panel that covers the bottom and lower front side of the bag. It's a good looking and simple solution to one of the largest drawbacks of packable daypacks - lack of structure.

The base allows the bag to hold its shape (and look better) even when it's just partially packed. This is a great upgrade because typically a packable daypack looks formless and droopy when it's not packed out.

The structured base also makes it way easier to dig around inside to find a specific item as well as pack and unpack the bag.

It adds a layer of protection for items in the bottom of the bag from drops and bumps. In the old packable daypack the only thing between the ground and the contents was the thin material. 

3 - Stronger Material

Combined with the structured base, the upgraded material immediately elevates the style of this packable daypack. The textured ripstop nylon is stronger and looks fantastic. Outside of it looking great and likely being even longer lasting this provides a couple needed benefits.

While the original packable daypack material wasn’t low quality, it was thin. And this meant many items were prone to protruding at odd angles if not packed properly. A set of keys or a hardcover book poking against the back isn’t ideal. The new material is thicker and sturdier so this is rarely a concern.

Because the material is thicker and sturdier it's also considerably less wrinkle prone. In fact, it pretty much smoothes itself out once it's unrolled.

5 Reasons The Cardiel Packable Daypack is Better Than The Original Packable Daypack

4 - Padding!

Sure it's a little heavier but we’ll gladly take the weight gain for a more comfortable carry, and that’s exactly what you get with padded shoulder straps. The shoulder straps have a solid amount of padding to them so that you can comfortably carry this bag all day.

The larger capacity means a heavier load, so the extra padding is a great touch, plus the mesh is breathable. This is also the only packable daypack with sternum straps we’ve used.

5 Reasons The Cardiel Packable Daypack is Better Than The Original Packable Daypack

5 - Quick Release Buckles

We would be impressed by buckles like these on any backpack but on a packable daypack it's an added bonus. The shoulder strap buckles make it super easy to cinch the straps tight when you’re on the move and release them to remove the pack. Critics might argue this is an unnecessary added weight for a packable daypack but this is no ordinary packable daypack. If we’re hauling a day’s worth of stuff to the beach we want it to be comfortable and adjustable, just like a regular daypack backpack.

Chrome Industries Cardiel Packable Daypack

A lot of these features blur the line between packable daypack and daypack backpack. Padding, structure, and solid hardware aren't common in packable daypacks. And yes, all of this does add some weight, but the pack is still perfectly appropriate to roll up and stash in your suitcase and then break it out for days exploring at your destination. We love how these added features offer the best of both worlds. The bag is extremely portable and easy to transport rolled up and then works great for any day trip.

If you’re looking for a well built packable daypack with added comfort and a broad range of use, check out the Chrome Industries Cardiel Packable Daypack.

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