9 Reasons to Travel With Hilx Folding Sunglasses

If you follow our social media or read our blogs you’ll know that we’ve been raving about Hilx sunglasses for the last few months. Hilx has introduced an innovative new twist to the travel sunglasses game with two designs that are truly collapsible and pocketable, revolutionizing the way we travel with sunglasses.

We love them so much that our entire team has Hilx sunglasses and they’ve become the go to pair for all of us. Check out our detailed product review to read the full story on why we love Hilx sunglasses, but for now, here are 9 great reasons why you should start traveling with Hilx Sunglasses today.

9 Reasons to Travel With Hilx Folding Sunglasses | Flashpacker Travel Gear Guides

1 - They Look Great

Hilx sunglasses bring classic style with a flare of modern colorways. The Hilx Unfolds are a modernized take on the Wayfarer style, while the Switchblades are a streamlined take on the fashion forward round style sunnies. With so many frame and lens color choices, you can find the look that fits your style perfectly.

9 Reasons to Travel With Hilx Folding Sunglasses

2 - Save Space

Hilx folding sunglasses feature an innovative six hinge system that allow the glasses to fold up into a tight square that’s roughly the size of one lens and about 2 inches thick. At this size, the folded sunglasses easily fit into your pants or shirt pocket, or your favorite daypack.

9 Reasons to Travel With Hilx Folding Sunglasses

3 - They’re Tough

Hilx sunglasses are quality made from durable materials. The Swiss TR90 thermoplastic frames are solid and rigid while offering just enough flex so you know they won't get crushed in your pocket. The lenses are made of shatterproof and scratch resistant polycarbonate. Travel sunglasses are constantly getting bumped around, dropped, and stuffed in tight pockets. The durability of Hilx sunglasses leaves you feeling confident they’ll hold up wherever you take them.

4 - Carrying Case

The carrying case for these glasses is a swiss army knife. Every pair of Hilx sunglasses comes with a padded neoprene carrying pouch to help protect the glasses from bumps and bruises along the way. Additionally, there is a sewn in microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your lenses clear of smudges and fingerprints. Finally, the carabiner clip allows you to clip your carrying case to just about anything, keeping your sunglasses handy all the time.

9 Reasons to Travel With Hilx Folding Sunglasses | Hilx Carrying Case

5 - Incredibly Easy to Stow Away

The folding design alleviates a huge problem all travelers face with their travel sunglasses, what to do with them when you’re not actively wearing them. When you’re on the plane it’s a huge pain to go digging through your travel backpack to pull out or stow away your sunglasses. If the sun sets when you’re out exploring a new city, leaving your sunglasses on your head or in your shirt collar can be a nuisance and leaves them unprotected. With Hilx folding sunglasses, just fold them up and drop them in a pocket, or stow them in the compact carrying case and clip it to your bag or even a belt loop.

6 - No More Hard Shell Protective Cases

Hard shell carrying cases are traditionally a must-have to protect your travel sunglasses on the road. But hard shell cases are bulky and heavy. They take up space in your pack and add unnecessary weight. With Hilx sunglasses, the tough folding frames and simple clip on carrying case make it easy to protect your sunnies without the added bulk and weight.

9 Reasons to Travel With Hilx Folding Sunglasses

7 - No More Cheap Throw Away Travel Sunglasses

Because the risk of losing or breaking your sunglasses is higher when traveling, many travelers opt for a pair of cheap sunglasses to get them through their travels. But cheap sunglasses are more likely to break because they’re made from lower quality materials and more likely to be lost when you set them down somewhere unusual because you don’t have a convenient place to stow them away. Hilx sunglasses solve these issues and make it easy to keep your glasses on you and protected.

8 - Versatility

One of the valuable aspects of Hilx sunglasses is that you can take them everywhere. They look equally stylish exploring Manhattan, beaching on the Thai Islands during a 7 month Southeast Asia backpacking adventure, or hiking up the Sawtooth Mountains. They’re great for excursions and activities like trekking, rafting or biking thanks to the contoured frames that hug your head and stay in place. You can take them to the beach or hiking because they’re durable and easily packed away. People are hesitant to do all these things with $300 designer sunglasses, but Hilx are made for the road.

9 Reasons to Travel With Hilx Folding Sunglasses | Hilx Sunglasses Hiking

9 - Protect Your Eyes

With 100% UVA/UVB protection the shatterproof and scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses protect your eyes from harmful rays. How often do you debate wearing sunglasses when it’s only partially sunny out? You leave them in the hotel because you don’t want to deal with carrying them around, then regret it when the clouds pass. The innovative folding portability makes it easy to have these sunnies with you just in case. These glasses are so portable you can always have them with you and never get caught without eye protection.

Our Customers Love Hilx Sunglasses

There are so many great things to say about Hilx sunglasses. But don’t just take it from us, here’s what our happy customers have to say about them:


Big fan!Unfold Sunglasses
"Such a cool design. I use them regularly, these are by far the most convenient sunglasses I've ever had!"
9 Reasons to Travel With Hilx Folding Sunglasses


My new favorite sunnies!Switchblade Sunglasses
"These sunglasses are fashionable, fun, and foldable! The foldable feature makes it easy to carry and maintain. I don’t like to travel without these sunnies-they are my new favorite accessory."


So good I bought another! Switchblade Sunglasses
"Absolutely love these shades, so much that I bought a second pair for myself plus one for my wife! Really nice construction, light but sturdy and they do an amazing job on bright sunny days and dealing with glare."

Grab a Pair of Hilx Sunglasses Today

Hilx folding sunglasses are awesome. They look great, stow away easily, and they’re durable enough to survive the bumps and bruises that come with great adventures. Find the perfect pair for you today.

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